Maker: Jen Gubicza
Based in: Beverly, MA
Price range: $15 to $90
Website: Zooguu.com

What medium do you work in primarily?
To hear her tell it, Jen Gubicza has the best. Job. Ever. “I spend my days transforming fabric into friends,” she says.

Gubicza’s company, Zooguu, sells round plush animals and monsters in all different sizes. “Before I made stuffed animals full-time I was a graphic designer for ten-plus years at a company that focused on design for kids and families,” she says. “I created logos, web sites and toy packaging, and now I use those skills for Zooguu. My husband Brian is an illustrator, and many years ago I made a plush version of one of his sketches. After making the first one, I was hooked and needed to make more. People also wanted to buy them, so luckily that worked out in my favor.”

Gubicza works side by side with her husband, Brian, who works as an illustrator and cuts all of the fabric for Zooguu.

Fun Facts: We live near the ocean, so we like to go on relaxing walks. We also enjoy watching movies and playing LEGO video games.

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