Women’s Small Business Month


We couldn’t let October end without celebrating Women’s Small Business month. From our very own founder Amanda Mauer Taflinger, to the hundreds of women owned businesses we carry in store, women leaders are the heart of our business and we are endlessly inspired by our community of creative and innovative women business owners.

Indianapolis is lucky to have so many women fronted businesses, and we’re even luckier to work with some of the most creative women in business.

“Some of the toughest business owners I’ve had the pleasure to collaborate with and build friendships with over the years are women. They are determined problem solvers who know how to adapt in the face of challenge. They persist and they persevere. This has been an especially rough year for everyone, everywhere. Small business owners have been hit particularly hard, especially in retail and restaurant industries. I’m lucky to have these fellow female business owners to brainstorm with and plan with for this unusual upcoming holiday season. Its a complete unknown, even for those of us who have been in business for 10 or 20 years. We have no idea what to expect or how we’ll all come out of it at the end. Its helpful to have others to meet those challenges with. Even through the struggles we know we’ll support one another.”

– Homespun Founder & Owner Amanda Mauer Taflinger

Thank you to Amanda for all you do and for being a fearless leader in the creative community! Lets celebrate Women’s Small Businesses EVERY DAY of the year!!

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