The Host/Hostess
Holiday Gift Guide

Host Hostess Holiday Gift Guide at Homespun Indianapolis

Holiday Gift Guide

They prep. They plan. They put up with your kids.

The holiday host/hostess is an unofficial saint. Say thank you with our list of gifts for the obliging entertainer.

From Top Left to Right:


Little Tree Lavender Sachet Ornaments from Balliwick Studios – $22.00 each

Wooden Recipe Box with Recipe Cards from Richwood Creations – $69.00

Elixirs from Wilks & Wilson – $13.99 each

“Toast to the Host” booze bag from Exit343 Designs – $8.00

“Gather” Tea Towel from Modma – $12.00

Geometric Pattern Cutting Board from Richwood Creations – $54.00

Wood wick holiday scented candles from JKM Soy Candles – $22.00

Block printed apron from Rangemark – $39.00

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