Park ‘n’ Print: Kyle Durrie’s Moveable Type Truck Visits Homespun

Kyle Durrie pulled her mobile printing studio pulled up in front of Homespun on Sunday morning and spent the afternoon printing posters with guests and talking about her craft. We hope that you were able to come out and meet her, but if not, watch the video we shot with her while she was here.

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Moveable Type Truck Visits Homespun Today!

(Durrie’s mobile shop.)

Kyle Durrie of Power and Light Press, Portland, OR, will set up shop temporarily today outside of Homespun: Modern Handmade. Durrie has taken her trade on tour in a Moveable Type truck. The letterpress artist will do demos in her mobile shop and let people try their hand at this centuries-old printing method. It’s free, so you definitely don’t want to miss it. Afterward you can check out Homespun’s selection of letterpress goods, grab a beer at Irvington’s new brewpub, Black Acre Brewing Co., and check out the Irvington Guild of Artists Film Night featuring “$100 And A T-Shirt,” a documentary film about ‘zines!

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