People for Urban Progress

Makers: Michael Bricker (Executive Director/Co-Founder), Jessica Bricker (Product Manager/Lead Designer), Melissa Oesch (Designer), Liz Roney (Designer), Christina Friendenson (Designer)
Based in: Indianapolis, Ind.
Price range: $5 to $65

Remember when the Hoosier Dome was deflated, demolished, and hauled off in a convoy of trucks? Not all of it ended up in landfills. In fact, acres and acres of UV-resistant canvas roof were claimed by a group of designers and are being re-purposed as bags, clutches, wallets, journals, bookmarks, and ornaments. “We began with the idea that the SOLUTION to any urban problem must consider transit, environment, and design in unison,” writes Michael Bricker. “As such, we work with communities and designers to develop innovative and affordable strategies to enhance Indianapolis’ urban quality of life. In order to do this, we MAKE things. And these small things help fund the big things – the big IDEAS. Our DOME BAG PROJECT is a quintessential example of this way of thinking and working. After we salvaged the roof of the RCA/Hoosier Dome in 2008, we started working with local designers to make products from the fabric. The sale of these products helped us fund the installation of larger public shade structures and pavilions throughout our community.”

People for Urban Progress also make a line of nifty shirts and posters to underwrite their larger project which are also available at Homespun.

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