Opposite of Far

Maker: Jessica Near
Based in: Ellettsville, Ind.
Price range: $2 to $50
Website: Oppositeoffar.wordpress.com

“I have been making and selling toys for children for four years now,” says Jessica Near. The poor quality of store-bought dolls inspired her to give it a try herself. “I started out making ‘Smart Owls,’- a smallish owl I created- and continued to build my repertoire with other animals such as bunnies, elephants, rhino’s, penguins, and others.”

Near uses vintage, re-purposed and new fabrics, and designs all the patterns she uses in her handmade toys and accessories..

Opposite of Far Fun Facts: I am a Certified Massage Therapist in California! I want to raise goats and chickens. I cry when I watch Glee. And movie previews.  And live performances. And animal videos. And anything with babies.

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