Green Illuminations

Maker: Jarod Wilson & Shan Parker
Based in: Indianapolis, Ind.
Price range: $5 to $16

Jarod and Shan didn’t set out to sell things, they just wanted to make unique lanterns for home decoration.

“Once a few friends saw our wine bottle lanterns they said we should be selling them,” Shan said. “From there we got into the candle making business because we wanted to offer more than one product and were looking for a way to use the bottoms of the bottles that were being discarded from the lanterns.”

Green Illuminations products are made from recycled wine, beer bottles and recycled wine corks. Well presented and pleasant smelling, Green Illumination candles are a great way to green up your holiday entertaining!

Green Illuminations Fun Facts:

Jarod – 1. My real-life job is working at IUPUI as a student advisor.  I advise students in planning days of service that range from 10-600 people.  I also get to travel around the country and the world on service-based trips. 2. Over the past couple of years, I have really gotten into reading Tarot and Oracle cards.  Anyone need a reading? 3. I have traveled to more than 27 countries.  I was an International Studies major in undergrad and I love to travel.  I get really excited when I have when I have the chance to experience a new culture.

Shan – 1. I love horror movies, and the cheesier the better! 2. I wanted to be an architect when I was little until I realized the math that was involved. 3. I don’t eat fruits or vegetables. I’m a carnivore!

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