Cordial Kitten

Maker: Candice Hartsough McDonald
Based in: Indianapolis, IN
Price range: $8-$400

Candice Hartsough McDonald studied illustration at Herron School of Art and after graduating, “I realized that if I wanted to work as an illustrator, I would have to become my own one-woman show,” she says. “I now work as a freelance illustrator, a portrait artist, and have infiltrated the indie craft show circuit.”

McDonald makes illustrated portraits of families, pets, families and their pets in watercolor, has worked on several children’s books, and also makes pendants and plush animals based on her work.

Fun facts: I have an extensive vintage owl collection that spans several rooms in my house. I only have one cat, and she lives outside in her little kitten condo my husband built for her. Sometimes I have to run up a flight of stairs as fast as I can or else the ghost will catch me.

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