Staff Picks ’17: Threenager

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This is the first year I’m parenting a threenager for myself, and wow. The title is apt- so much attitude happening. Homespun has just the thing to keep that little smarty pants engaged, inspired, and creative!

polar bear, paint, DIY, ornament, snow, decorate

DIY Polar Bear Ornament Kit by The Dapper Jackalope, $16

Amanda MT: I don’t know how much paint would actually end up on the bear, and how much I would end up cleaning off the table, but either way I would cherish this little handmade ornament!


Bones Travel Tic-Tac-Toe by Tree Hopper Toys, $11

Amanda D: Mom or dad can keep this in their bag and pull it out at restaurants or in the car to calm the threenager boredom woes.


Wooden Balance Board by Clover & Birch, $38

Grace: Surfer in training! Great toy for physical activity and honing gross motor skills. Perfect for an indoor activity when the weather is bad- plus its super sturdy!

entomologist, kit, bugs, discover, backyard

Emerging Entomologist Kit by Jean Elise Toys, $18

Anna: Don’t let them develop a fear of bugs! They’re not so scary. This kit will help them observe and get their hands dirty.

ring, crayon, color, play, art, creative, kids

Original Rainbow Crayon Rings by Art 2 The Extreme, $12

Claire: Turn coloring into color-bling! (You’re welcome for the new slogan. I’d like 10% of the profits, thanks.)


Unicorn Princess Knight Tunic and Shield by Love Lane, $38 and $32

Lee: Your little one can be the hero in this impeccable and gorgeous play-wear.


Mr. Toothypegs Plush Creature by Mr. Sogs, $45

Megan: The perfect little cuddle to keep all the other monsters at bay.


Bouquet Tank Dress by Vivie and Ash, $42

Hayley: I know four sweet little girls that would each look incredibly adorable in these floral print dresses. My best friend’s nieces would love to put these dresses on and run outside in the grass barefoot!


The Littlest Family’s Big Day by Emily Winfield Martin, $17.99

Neal: Reading to my daughter before bed is one of our favorite times of the day, she would love this sweet story.

nightlight, rainbow, kids room, glass, handmade

Rainbow Glass Nightlight by Hunky Dory Studio, $30

Mark: To shed light on monsters and acceptance.


Children’s Apron by La Tiendita, $38

Alayna: Helping in the kitchen is a great way to keep littles engaged!

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