Staff Picks ’17: Significant Other

This is the gift that really puts a gift-giver to the test. It’s got to be thoughtful, unique, useful. It’s got to be special. Well, it just so happens that’s what we here at Homespun specialize in. Here are the things our staff has combed the shelves to find for the significant ones in their lives.


Lazy Susan Bourbon Barrel Head by Curry’s Beer Crafts, $80.00

Amanda MT: My husband is definitely NOT lazy, but he is efficient and does appreciate anything that makes life easier. This will be great at the dinner table, especially when we have lots of family and friends over for dinner.


Cubbie Shack Wall Art by New Art, $45

Alayna: He is such a huge Cubs fan and has posters and decorations all over his room, the wood cut is so unique too, so it would be a good addition to his collection.


Indy Football Club Tee by United State of Indiana, $29

Amanda D: If you have a sport-ball obsessed boyfriend like I do, you can’t go wrong with this tee. He’ll totally impress all his fantasy friends.


Bird of Virtue “Ava Platinum Necklace” by Bird of Virtue, $50.00

Neal: There’s nothing like simple geometric design to make a statement- this is perfect for my wife who loves minimalism and loves handmade so much she opened her own store to sell it.


The Messenger Dome Laptop Bag by People for Urban Progress, $124

Grace: Always on the lookout for a stylish, durable, and ethically produced laptop bag, my significant other would be over the moon to own this.


Happy Place Cut Paper Wall Art by Type Shy, $32

Mark: For a happy reminder of the city we fell in love in.


Leather Key Fob by LM Products, $16

Megan: My SO definitely needs a new key chain and this key fob can be easily clipped to his belt loop to make more room in his pocket to hold my cell phone for me.


Blue Gingham Bow Tie by Lonesome Traveler, $48

Claire: We were at a wedding a couple weeks ago, and he said, “I think I wanna branch out and start wearing bow ties.” Check! (Extra points for a gingham/ check joke!).


“The Irving” Beard Comb by Burton & Levy, $32

Hayley: While this comb is meant for combing beards, my husband would love this for combing his hair. It is made with a cool vintage vibe that would allow for him to just slip it into his pocket and then take it out to comb his hair like hes in The Outsiders.


Essential Beard Kit by Thirteen Thieves, $84

Anna: I bought him a shave kit for his birthday, so I want to get him a set for growing his beard out from scratch.

guinness, shaving, soap, bar, beard, shave

Guinness Shaving Bar by Teehaus, $10

Lee: My SO is into the straight razor and really appreciates a good shave. This is perfect for a smooth, luxurious shave. Bonus: smells like Guinness.

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