Staff Picks ’17: The Geek

Self-admitted or not, being a geek is nothing to be ashamed of. Geeks are cool. Geeks are genuine. And we have lots of genuinely cool geeky stuff here at the store to prove it. Here’s what our staff is buying for their geeky friends (or selves).


Zodiac Coloring Book by Mab Graves, $19

Mark: So many of my geeky friends are deep into astrology. And even if they weren’t, they’d still love this.


Princess Leia Pennant Banner by Oxford Pennants, $20

Hayley: Because who doesn’t want this iconic lady boss on their wall?


Alternate Histories of the World Book by Matthew Buchholz, $28

Anna: Historian meets monster fan. My kind of nerd.


Coasters by Green Bird Press, $10

Claire: Whether you’re shopping for Doctor Who fans, Star Wars fans, or superhero fans, these fun coasters run the geek gamut.


Star Wars Potholder by Umbrella Girl Productions, $9

Lee: ‘Cause every room needs some nerd flair, kitchens included.


Nintendo Controller Bow Tie by Perler Tricks, $10

Alayna: I feel like everyone geeked and had an obsession with Nintendo at one point in their life. It’s something you can’t get over.


Twin Peaks Coaster Set by Hunky Dory Studio, $49

Amanda MT: Twin Peaks is a nerd right of passage. If you know a nerd, you know they will love this.


Unicorn Lego Art by Smitten by Cat, $48

Grace: Unicorns and Legos? Sounds like a great combination to me!


Magnet Sets by Arthur’s Plaid Pants, $10-12

Neal: From Arrested Development to The Goonies, all the nerd staples are covered. Ready to cheer you up at every magnetic corner.


Platform 9 3/4 Print by Quiet Boy Studio, $20

Amanda D: A subtle Potter shout out perfect for the Hogwarts geek- like me!


Pocket Square by Handsome & Lace, $19

Megan: For your geek-on-the-down-low type- a nice, subtle pocket square.

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