Staff Gift Picks ’17: Office Party


What to bring to the office party? Something a whole room of people will probably like and could relate to- and nothing too boring (read: no socks). Well, we’ve got that! Stop in the shop for some quick and easy gift pickins.


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Rehab: A Family’s Release by Rehab Gaming, $18

Lee: When enough throats have been cleared and boredom sets in, get to know each other a little better with this set of questions. ‘Cause your co-workers are basically family, right?


Holiday Berry Bath Bomb Set by Pure Grace Soap, $8

Megan: Bath bombs are the bomb so who wouldn’t love one? Perfect little “time out” from the holiday craziness.


Boss Babes Coloring & Activity Book by Michelle Volansky, $10.95

Grace: Everyone could stand to engage in a little boss babe education, right?! Fun activities paired with a brief history lesson, what a fun way to celebrate some boss babes!


Maple Cake Stand by American Heirloom, $70

Hayley: If I was attending an office party, I would definitely have to make a cake! Placing the cake on this stand would be super chic and impressive (hopefully!).


Naughty and Nice Soaps by Tularoo Soaps, $10

Claire: Give the “nice” to your work spouse, and the “naughty” soap to your arch nemesis, perhaps the mansplainer of the office? Then at least he’ll have good skin while he gets on your nerves.


Monument Circle Ornaments by Katydid, $24

Amanda D: Who doesn’t love the monument at Christmas? And depending on the size of the party, you can split this set up!


Gertrude’s Gomme by Wilks and Wilson, $13.99

Mark: To sweeten everyone’s drinks (there are drinks, right?).


Scratch-Off Cards by LottoLove, $10

Amanda MT: Everyone loves giving back, and this gift will do just that. Each purchase of LottoLove cards helps provide nutritious meals, clean water, solar energy or literacy tools to people all over the world. Fun and charitable!


Whole Bean Coffee by Tinker Coffee Co., $15

Neal: Everyone in the office runs on coffee, this gift will not be re-gifted.


Frittle by Newfangled Confections, $6.50

Alayna: Frittle is something you can bring to a part and everyone can enjoy.


Three Bean Chili by U Relish, $6

Anna: A quick and easy crock pot meal to please the masses?! YES PLEASE!

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