Staff Gift Picks ’17: For Mom


Ah motherhood- the most thankless job in town. Make sure your mother dearest feels thoughtfully appreciated this season with one of our unique and hand-made-with-love treasures. Here are the things that made our staff members feel all warm and fuzzy about their mommies.


The Cloque in Deep Water by Simple & Pretty, $70

Grace: My mom is a total mountain mama. Living in Colorado and heating her home largely by wood stove, this incredibly warm cloque would be a perfect addition to those chilly Colorado winters.

floral, bath soak, gift, thoughtful, rest, handmade

Floral Bath Soak by 407 Botanicals, $20

Lee: ‘Cause what mom really needs is some time alone… shhhhh…

cupcake, frosting, yellow, purple, party, gift, bath bomb

Lavender Lemongrass Cupcake Bath Bomb by Pure Grace Soap, $9

Mark: For a relaxing bath with the option of a scrub.


lilac, candle, handmade, indianapolis, gift

Lilac Candle by Penn & Beech, $18

Anna: My mom LOVES her lilac bush. This way she can have the smell of it even when it’s not in bloom.


The Rowan Leather Bag by Howl & Hide, $200

Alayna: This bag is perfect for my mom. My mom is always customizing everything we get her, so the flat leather back would be perfect for her to carve her art into!


 Mobile by Willow Modern Glassware, $39

Claire: My mom adores colored glass as a medium, so this mobile will look clean and simple in her kitchen window. Plus, it’s her first Christmas in her new home in Chicago!


Tree Ornament by Bailiwick Studio, 22$

Amanda M-T: My mom collects a new ornament for her tree every year, this will be something for her to remember her favorite daughter by, and it’s scented with lavender. So we’ll all be able to stay calm at Christmas.


Leather Dream Catcher with Crystal by Savannah Norris, $50

Amanda D.: My mom lived in Texas for a significant part of her life so she loves all things reminiscent of the south. And she still says y’all.


Sweater Hat by Nicole’s Threads, $32

Hayley: My mom would love this hat not only for its purple color and old fashioned pattern, but also for the fact that it is handmade from re-purposed sweaters! My mom is a recycling queen!

silk, headband, mom, hair, head, floral

Headbands by Pointelle, $15 each

Megan: My mom looks super cute in headbands and they are an easy accessory while she grows her hair out.


Still not sure what to get? Come on in and our friendly staff will help you find just the thing.

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