Staff Gift Picks ’17: For Dad


What do you think of when you think of your dad? His hobby? His habits? His advice? No matter what your dad is known for, we’ve got just the thing to tickle his fancy this season. Here’s a special selection of things that our staffers know their dads will love and why.

Tomato Catsup & Ballpark Mustard by Batch No. 2, $6 each

Anna: Dad puts ketchup on EVERYTHING why not make it local and delicious?


Adobo Barbecue Sauce by Best Boy & Co., $10

Amanda D.: This is a great addition to a grilling-inspired gift box for dad. Everything Best Boy makes tastes amazing, and you can taste it too after dad grills for you!

Beard Wash and Conditioner by Circle City Beard Co., $16

Mark: To keep that beard clean and soft.


Yardstick Hookboard by Indyardart, $60

Hayley: This would be a great gift for my dad because he too, like my mom, likes re-purposed items. He spends much of his time in the garage doing what he loves best: fixing and polishing his antique automobiles! He would love something to hand his items in his garage.


Septahex Vase by Mod CRMX, $300

Grace: My dad is a total pottery lover. He collects old and new and even has a few shelves of pottery made by yours truly.


Tribal Cutting Board by Richwood Creations, $54

Alayna: My dad has a huge love for cutting boards. The dark wood of this board always makes me think of him.


Dopp Kit by People for Urban Progress, $48

Megan: Not only would my dad love this for traveling, but he would love knowing it was once the Hoosier Dome.


Social Animals: A Berkley Bestiary by Ryan and Lucy Berkley, $18.95

Amanda M-T: Everyone loves a good dad joke, especially my dad. The descriptions of these dressed up animals would crack him up. He could probably pick a co-worker to match each one.


Indiana Hoosier State Print by Point Two Design Group, $26

Claire: My brother is a great dad, and I know he can’t wait for his one-year-old, Neal, to get a little bigger so he can go fishing. This print just exudes nostalgia and making memories.


Reclaimed Wood Frame by Mutual Adoration, $46

Neal: Obviously I will fill this with a photo of my beautiful family before gifting. He’ll love it.


Still not sure what to get? Come on in and our friendly staff will help you find just the thing.



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