Sadly Harmless

Maker: Sally Harless

Based in: Bloomington, Ind.

Price range: $15 to $60


Sally Harless has been pursuing art since early childhood despite some early discouragement.

“I drew on the porch floor with crayons when I was very small,” the artist says. “I thought my mom would be impressed but I don’t think she was.”

Harless moved from interior decoration to high school classes and crafting, an immersion in ‘zine culture in college and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in printmaking. Now Harless makes ink and watercolor illustrations that she sells as prints, jewelry and printed shadow boxes. “After I graduated, I sort of just fell into selling my work at craft shows, and realized that I could make a living at it,” she says.

In addition to operating Sadly Harmless, Harless is one of the makers behind theĀ Bloomington Handmade Market as well as Paper Crane Gallery.

Sadly Harmless Fun Facts: I have a chocolate dog named Ramsey. I love root beer. In a past life I was a whale.


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