Pearl & Marmalade

Makers: Dani Nelson & Char Lee Dickerson
Based in: Chicago, Ill. & Rochester, NY
Price range: $3 to $16

Dani Nelson & Char Lee Dickerson didn’t choose letterpress, it chose them. “We both worked in the stationery and design field and had been ‘paper people’ our whole lives,” says Char. “We paired up to explore an indie business venture. Our education and experiences focused on art, color and writing which rang a loud bell in both our heads!”

Pearl & Marmalade is Nelson and Dickerson’s full-time pursuit when they aren’t temping, freelancing, or watching trashy TV shows. Their earthy and elegant designs feature woodsy flora and fauna, sea creatures, and characters from the Victorian era. Whether you need a card for special occasion on blank note sets for special messages, Homespun has the perfect Pearl & Marmalade letterpress product for you.

Is this business your full time gig, or do you do something else by day?
Because there are only two of us we both devote hours of elbow grease to keeping P&M running smoothly. When we have taken on other gigs (part time, temp or freelance) we choose jobs and projects that remain in our scope of interest or passion.

Pearl & Marmalade Fun Facts: Even though she is immersed in all things paper and digital design, Dani actually is an expert weaver and even owns her own loom. She also had a horse themed Bat Mitzvah as a kid and made the mistake of telling CharLee about it- an error that has haunted her ever since. CharLee was obsessed with Sherlock Holmes as a kid. After her brother convinced her he was alive and real she spent a few years writing him thoughtful letters. It’s still a touchy subject!

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