Owlette Collective

Owlette Collective :: Bear Cub Bonnet, $22

Britt Willis & Jessica Bornick
Based in:
Cookeville, Tenn. & Columbia, S.C.
Price range:

Britt Willis and Jessica Bornick share a vocation if not a hometown. The friends met in  Nashville seven years ago and began sewing together soon after. “When Jessica was  pregnant with her first child, we were both sewing a lot of baby stuff and then it hit us: we could be doing this for a living,” Willis said. “So we founded Owlette about a year and a half ago, and it’s kept us busy ever since!”

Owlette makes clothing and accessories for the modern baby with natural fibers and upcycled vintage fabrics. Stop by Homespun to see their super cute bear cub bonnets, baby bloomers, on-the-go crayon rolls and more!

Owlette Collective Fun Facts: Bornick plays drums in a band called Those Lavender Whales, Willis writes about sewing when she isn’t sewing, and at one point, Bornick and Willis became immersed in the game Animal Crossing and used to hang out in eachother’s virtual towns. One of them sewed her own Animal Crossing costume for Halloween, but neither of them will fess up to it.

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