Maker: Heather Saunders

Based in: Hamilton, Ont., Canada

Price range: $5 to $100


“I’ve always been a ‘crafter,’ knitter and sewer thanks to my crafty mom,” Heather Saunders says. The maker of large-eyed plush companions and accessories “started designing and sewing toys five years ago while working at a bookstore, sort of on a whim based on some of my silly doodles,” she says.

Needlings Fun Facts: 1.I have a degree in English and have been a credited lyric writer and editor. 2. I have lived all over Canada and the US, east coast and west coast and in between. 3. I’ve always loved books.  When I was a little kid I used to record my own “audiobooks” on tape complete with turn-the-page “beeeeps.”

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