Meet Your Newest Plant Friends: Moss Amigos

The first signs of spring are inspiring us in store this week to open our eyes to all things green and bright around us. One of our newest makers, Moss Amigos, are about to be your newest and easiest plant friends to thrive and vibe with this spring.

We’re excited to bring you Moss Amigos, a South Bay based business from San Jose, California. Moss Amigos are a brand of the plant algae, Marimo, which is grown domestically in the United States, the business states on their website.

What ARE these little moss balls?

In the wild, Marimo are found in freshwater glacial lakes in Iceland, Scotland, Estonia and Japan. They develop their curious shape from the natural current in freshwater lakes. The movement of the water spins them into spheres. We suggest swirling your Moss Amigos around in their jar every once in a while to remind them of the freshwater lakes they were raised in. Thanks to Moss Amigos for the background and history of Marimo – we had no idea these little guys lived such cool lives.

No green thumb needed to enjoy the ease and beauty of your Moss Amigo – these are the easiest plants to take care of. All they need is love, light, and an occasional water change.

Moss Amigo Care Guide, courtesy of the brand:

  1. Keep your Moss Amigo out of direct sunlight! Unless its wearing a hat. (YES you can get your Moss Amigo a stylish hat through the Moss Amigo web store to keep it fashionable and adorable.)
  2. Change their water every 2-3 weeks – non-chlorinated spring water is best
  3. Keep your buddy cool! Don’t let them get too hot over the summer

These little plant pets make the perfect addition to any space in need of some livening up!

They also make unique, one of a kind gifts for just about anybody. They come in clear jars with cork lids and your choice of stones to brighten up your space, from desks and shelves to businesses, and anywhere in need of a little love. These are available with Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Tiger Eye, and a rainbow of beautiful stones for your moss ball to bounce among.

For Moss cuteness overload:

Learn more about the company, and get the cutest accessories for your little plant friend at Follow @moss_amigos for the cutest and greenest feed on social media, and check these out in store!

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