Mass Ave: The East End

Mass Ave East End: Coca Cola Bottling Co. Building

Mass Ave: The East End

Shopping small, dining local, and supporting the arts are all activities synonymous with Indy’s Mass Ave. But have you trekked past College Avenue yet? Mass Ave’s East End gives you a reason to.

Boasting boutique shopping, a board game parlor, tattoo shop, hair salon, art galleries, and hip dining, all alongside the redevelopment of the historic Coca-Cola Bottling Company, it’s time to get in the know.

What’s happening to the Coca-Cola Bottling redevelopment you ask? A West Elm boutique hotel, Living Room Theater (think art cinema), retail, dining, residential, and much more. Get all the info on the redevelopment here.

Now, hop on your Bikeshare, get on the Cultural Trail, and take a tour of the Avenue’s most up-and-coming block.

Mass Ave: Art Bank

Mass Ave: Art Bank 800 Block

Art Bank

When a 1920’s bank is redeveloped into an art gallery, it does not disappoint.

With over twenty exhibiting artists at a time, Art Bank is one of Indiana’s most recognized and respected galleries.  You can find them at 811 Mass Ave. To learn more about Art Bank and the artists currently exhibiting, click here.

Mass Ave East End: Crimson Tate

Mass Ave East End: Crimson Tate 2

Crimson Tate Modern Quilter

For the novice and the experienced quilter, Crimson Tate is the place to be if you’ve got a talent for textiles. Home to the best selection of contemporary fabrics in Indianapolis, they’re also packed with a wealth of information (and classes) if you’re just getting started.

Visit them at 845 A Mass Ave and learn more about Crimson Tate here.

Mass Ave East End: Boomerang

Mass Ave East End: Boomerang 2

Boomerang Boutique

From dinosaur air plant holders to trendy text-laden pillows to jewelry and apparel, Boomerang Boutique is all about expressing your personal style. This little gem at 845 B Mass Ave has grown from store front, to online store, to mobile boutique!

While you’re in, don’t forget to check out their best-selling item, Felicia Tees, designed by owner/operator Felicia Kiesel! More about Boomerang here.

Mass Ave East End: Natural Born Juicers

Natural Born Juicers

Whether you’re needing a morning (or midday) pick-me-up or you’re wanting to kick off spring with a cleanse, Natural Born Juicers is your one-stop-juice-shop. From cold-pressed non-HPP juice, old school centrifuge make-your-own-medicine juice, cleanses, blends, smoothies, live foods, and superfoods, you can find them at 865 Mass Ave (right next to us)!

Mass Ave East End: Homespun

Mass Ave East End: Homespun 2

Homespun: Modern Handmade

Hi! That’s us! Right at 869 Mass Ave, we house over 400 individual artists, makers, and crafters from around Indiana, the Midwest, and the nation! Our products range from jewelry to bath & body products, artisanal foods to stationery, prints to 3D art, housewares to apparel and more.

Founded in July, 2010, we’re an outgrowth of the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange, central Indiana’s first contemporary craft fair. -And hint, hint, our next show is on June 16th! Find more info here.

Mass Ave East End: The Big Green

Mass Ave East End: The Big Green 2

The Big Green

Located at 871 Mass Ave, The Big Green is working to build a national school food culture that promotes youth wellness. By connecting kids to real food through a network of Learning Gardens and food literacy programs, The Big Green creates engaging outdoor classrooms that increase academic achievement and drive community engagement.

If you’re interested in bringing a Learning Garden to your community, reach out here.

Mass Ave East End: Love Handle

Mass Ave East End: Love Handle 2

Love Handle

Retro decor + protein topped waffles + biscuits and gravy = the best brunch ever. Welcome to Mass Ave, Love Handle!

With a menu that changes daily, and plates that never disappoint, Love Handle needs to be your new go-to morning-with-friends joint. And then you can all share the most amazing cheesecake we’ve ever tasted (it’s made with goat’s milk, and nothing will ever be the same).

For daily menu and business hours, check out their Facebook page here.

Mass Ave East End: Peabody's Parlor

Mass Ave East End: Peabody's Parlor 2

Peabody’s Parlor

Blending vintage design with on-trend techniques and styles, Peabody’s Parlor was built on business owner Steffanie Peabody Boram’s reputation for professional, client-centered services delivered in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.  Literally every stylist is delightfully down-to-earth and we would know – we go there ourselves!

To book an appointment and learn more about Peabody’s, check out their website here.

Mass Ave East End: Quality

Mass Ave East End: Quality 2


You’ll feel instantly cooler walking into this boutique. Quality’s contemporary, lifestyle inspired shop provides footwear, apparel, and accessories from a variety of brands for men and women.

Located at 879 Mass Ave, you can view styles and their look-books here before stopping in.

Mass Ave East End: Kingmakers


Boardgames and beer? What’s not to love? Grab your coworkers, friends, and family and head over to Kingmakers, located at 881 Mass Ave!

With hundreds of games in their library and a staff that can teach you each one, Kingmakers has redefined family game night (yes, you can bring the kids, or not). Just a $5 per player Library Fee is added to your tab and allows you to enjoy as many titles for as long as you want during your visit.

Read over their FAQs here.

Mass Ave East End: Yats


Our East End of Mass even has a Yats! The popular Cajon/Creole restaurant gives you a quality bite quickly and affordably. Check out their daily menu here and stop in to the shops after lunch!

Mass Ave East End: Indy Reads Books

Mass Ave East End: Indy Reads Books 2

Indy Reads Books

“The more you read, the more we help…” -Indy Reads’ motto and they certainly live up to it.

Housing both new books and old, all of the proceeds from your purchase help to support adult literacy programs! And being one of the few bookstores in downtown Indy, it’s worth a visit for the beautiful interior alone. Find Indy Reads at the far East End of the avenue at 911 Mass and learn more about their nonprofit mission here.

Mass Ave East End: Black Market

Black Market

Across the street from Indy Reads, find the hidden gem, Black Market.

Offering unique, farmhouse cuisine, a full bar, and an award-winning wine list, Black Market welcomes you in jeans or a suit. Looking to escape the bustle of city? -Relax on their lush patio. Filled with greenery, herbs, and vegetables that the kitchen uses for their own recipes, this will quickly become one of your favorite urban-getaways.

Find them at 922 Mass Ave and read more about the restaurant here.

Mass Ave East End: Rooster's Kitchen

Rooster’s Kitchen

Buildable mac ‘n cheese, brisket, and craft beer? Yes, please!  Find all the nostalgic entrees from Rooster’s Kitchen at 888 Mass Ave. Browse their menu (which includes gluten free and vegetarian options) here.

Mass Ave East End: City Dogs Grocery

Mass Ave East End: City Dogs Grocery 2

City Dogs Grocery

You can’t forget the pups (and kitties too). City Dogs has toys, treats, and quality food for your four-legged friends. Celebrate Fido’s birthday with a freshly baked, frosted puppy-safe cookie! They can even enjoy complimentary water bowls out front while you continue your walk down the avenue!

Mass Ave East End: Best Chocolate in Town

The Best Chocolate in Town

When it comes to a chocolate shop, you can’t beat The Best Chocolate in Town.

Featuring a wide array of creative truffles and other chocolatey treats, the recently refurbished shop now has a coffee bar and seating area for you to enjoy your chocolate, slowly.  Bringing the kids with you? -They can get ice cream inside too! Perfect after-school treat! Find them at 880 Mass Ave.

Mass Ave East End: Wine Shop

Mass Ave Wine

After you get your chocolates, head next-door to Mass Ave Wine!

Not just a wine shop, Mass Ave Wine is a cafe, tasting room, and art gallery as well! With a cafe menu full of small plates, signature pizzas, salads, appetizers, sandwiches, and cocktails, it’s a wonderful lunch or after-work destination. And if you need help deciding on the perfect bottle, their knowledgable staff is there to help!

See their menu, tasting days, and more on their website here.

Mass Ave East End: Tattoo

Mass Ave East End: Tattoo 2

Mass Ave Tattoo

Covered in original work from each artist, the walls are a testament to the talent at Mass Ave Tattoo. Walk-ins are welcome during regular business hours, or you can book your appointment by giving them a call. See more of their work on Instagram and then go get yourself some ink!

Mass Ave East End: Mimi Blue Meatballs

Mimi Blue Meatballs

With a timeless interior and a menu that allows us to create a new dish every time we visit, we never knew how much we loved meatballs until Mimis showed up! We, also, had never tasted mac ‘n queso before, and now we can’t imagine life without it. Check out their menu here and then reserve a spot on their patio for a night of shopping and dining on the East End!

We hope to see you around the Avenue soon! 

-Amanda D. 






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