ICYMI: This Week At The Shop:
September 22

It’s ICYMI time for the week of September 22nd! Anyone else freaking out that September is almost over?  -Glad I’m not the only one. While that fall air attempts to return, we have product overflowing in the shop in preparation for… h o l i d a y.  And why not start your list early with a restock from one of our bath and body favorites, 407 Botanicals. Using beneficial botanicals and healing essential oils, you can have an entire skincare regime made from natural ingredients! -An easy way to get on the nice list.

Have you been looking to add some eclectic flare to your decor? Indyardart repurposes vintage yard sticks, Indiana maps, and matchboxes to create these sought after hook boards and housewares. And with the popularity of this line, we have a hard time keeping it on the shelves. So, we recommend getting here ASAP.

Since we’re talking holiday lists early, we need to mention our library of Indiana, Indianapolis, and Midwest-centric reading material. Get lost in the artistic history of Indiana with Commercial Artisan, get to know Indy from Printtext and Ashley Petry, and swim in Indianapolis fiction from James Reeves and the contributors of Mythic Indy. Basically, we have something for the reader in your life.


And it wouldn’t be an ICYMI post without featuring some of our new Indiana product! With half of our vendors being local to Indy and the Midwest, it’s likely we receive new, local product each week. Check out New Art Studios’ original hand-painted Indiana wall hangings on the top left and go crazy with all the candy restock from New Fangled Confections! Did someone say Sweet and Spicy Pecans?!

Remember last week when I told you there’s no way I’d be able to show you all of Hunky Dory Studio’s product in just one week? Well, I wasn’t lying. Check out the new glass Indiana nightlights up above! Oh, and there’s more in store, of course.

Light up the room and your senses, too, with candles and reed diffusers from local favorites Penn & Beech. I recommend the “Old Books” scent. Don’t tell me you don’t love the smell of a used bookstore.

A happy home must include almond butters from local maker Revival Food Co. And if you’re wondering where to start, -the Coco Love and Chai Time flavors will surely take your toast game up a notch.

Megan’s World

This is Megan, our hard-working, hair chameleon (see how her hair matches the incoming product), master of purchase orders, Inventory Manager. MK works hard every day, and her job is getting even more ridiculous with the influx of holiday product. So, I thought we’d start a new segment, a glimpse into just part of her weekly mastery of inventory.

Above, Megan received a huge order from Willow & Honey, creators of some amazing (and glittery) natural bath bombs. There are so many scents! Getting them into our system, tagged, and out onto the floor (so I can take pretty pictures of them and you can buy them), is all MK.

Slow clap for this girl.

A Few of Our Favorite Things…

Do you remember the massive holiday gift guide we roll out in November? Well, I’ve been thinking about it a lot (and biting my nails over it -soooo many pictures to take). However, I thought we could have a little fun leading up to that. Each week I’ll be highlighting favorite products from different members of our staff.  I decided to go first, -oldest child syndrome.

As you might be able to tell from my ensemble, I’m a lover of neutrals and earth tones, especially when it comes to decorating. And I fan-girled hard when we received that fluffy white and cream weaving from Ribbon + Roving. I might have a wall hanging or weaving in almost every room of my house. But guys, how have you not purchased that yet?

The little face card from Haven Paperie is perfect for my daughter to send to her pen-pal out in California. And all I want to put on my Christmas tree and mantle this year are garlands from Goldendrop Garlands. We do have more colorful ones in store too, but you know me.


Get your jam on with Lee, our resident How-To blogger. This month she’s teaching you how to make Concord Grape Jam! Get all the details and instructions here. And when you’re done, feel free to bring me some jam and toast too, please.

That concludes this week’s ICYMI for September 22nd! Thanks for keeping up with us and be sure to follow us on all our platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest), where you’ll get the most up to date info on product and events!

Wishing you a happy, handmade weekend!
-Amanda D.

PS – Due to high demand, ticket sales have reopened  for our upcoming workshops! You have until tonight (9:00pm Friday evening, to be exact) to purchase tickets for our Macrame Hanging Planter and/or Macrame Wall Hanging classes! -Click on the links to go get yours now!

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