How-To: Scarf Tying


Tis’ the scarf season! I am totally obsessed with scarves. Any time style and comfort cross paths I’m there. Birkenstocks: check, Yoga pants (style, trend, whatever): check, oversized knit sweaters: duh.

You can never have too many scarves, and when you come across one that is soft, stylish AND hand-made with love- you just can’t go wrong. On this edition of How-To, imma show you how to tie some of the scarves we carry. From basic to unique, there are so many options and these are just a few. Get ready for a whole bunch of pictures of yours truly.

So when that mood strikes you, and you’ve just got to get cozy, come browse our selection of scarves. We’ve got just the thing.

1| Infinity



This scarf is a wide rectangle shape. I wasn’t sure how to tie it at first- but turns out you can just make any scarf into an infinity scarf by tying two corners, then twisting once or twice around like you would a full circle. I love this look. Bonus: this scarf by Kitty Knits is my favorite scarf in the shop. It works beautifully as a shawl, too.

2| Preppy Necktie




This is perfect for long, skinny scarves. Start with the scarf behind your neck, leaving more on one side than the other. Wrap the long side around your neck twice. Grab the two ends and tie a granny knot, “floof” and ta-da!

3| Twisted Necklace




This one is so EASY and unique! Get equal lengths on either side of your neck, and tie a granny knot roughly as low as you’d like the finished necklace to be. Twist each side back up around itself, and tuck in the little ends. Our Megan Lee Designs scarves are perfect for this one with lots of different colors and patterns to choose from.

4| European Loop



So this one is pretty straight forward, but I felt I would be remiss if I didn’t include it! Fold your scarf in half, wrap it around your neck, and pull the ends through the loop. Our Woodly scarves are perfect for bundling up with this tie.

5| Magic Trick




So this is definitely the trickiest of all the knots I have to show you today, but it has a pretty stunning result. Once again, hold the scarf behind you so there is more length on one side than the other. Wrap the long side around once, then pull the short side through to form a loop. Push the end of what used to be the long side through that loop, and floof. Not so hard.

6| Fake Knot



Aw, yeah. Look at that jaunty finish pose! This tie is so stylish. Tie a granny knot around one of your wrists with one side of the scarf, then pull the other side through. Do some floofing and your done. Also known as the “neck tie,” this silky smooth scarf by Just Liv is just the ticket.

7| The X



So classy. Cross ends of the scarf back and forth around your neck twice, then pull up the ends through one of the loops. Perfect.

So maybe you’re just not ready to commit to tying a scarf every time you want to wear it. Maybe you’re not the directions-reading type. MAYBE YOU JUST LIKE A GOOD COWL. Well, you’re in luck. Here we have just a selection of what’s available for the once-and-done scarf wearer.



Now you’re ready! Ready to look good every day of the season because scarves are awesome like that.

Also- P.S.- the awesome hair fork I’m wearing is by kFroet and we have that in the shop too. It’s my 2nd favorite fall accessory (after scarves).

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