How-To: Furoshiki


Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese cloth used to wrap gifts and other goods. Any type of cloth can work for this technique, and whatever you use becomes part of the gift; either as a functional stand alone item or as part of an eye catching and beautiful presentation. For my demonstrations, I’ll be using various tea towels available at the shop. You could also try vintage napkins or table cloths, scarves, or just extra fabric you have in your craft bin. Let’s get started!


This is the final product using the 2016 Moon Phases Tea Towel by Little Lark and topped off with a 2015 PUP Domeflake.


Traditionally, a furoshiki cloth would be square, but we’re going to make this work! Place your box in the center of the cloth like so, with the corner facing you. Wrap over the corner near you and tuck it underneath the box.


Fold over the other corner, the proceed with the edges as if you’re wrapping a paper gift by folding down either side and pulling the end up towards the top. Get a grip on both end pieces.


Tie a double knot as tightly as possible. Because of the shape of the tea towel, we’re left with some extra corner. No worries! I just tuck it right over. Furoshiki6


You can also use a similar technique to wrap two cylindrical items. Two bottles of Best Boy BBQ Sauce, two jars of homemade moonshine or vanilla, or, in this case, two bottles of Soiled Dove Lotion.


For this particular tea towel by The High Fiber, I noticed after trying it I had to fold it over a few times to insure the cute print would show once wrapped. Lay your bottles end to end, then roll, roll, roll.


Pull up the bottles side-by-side, and knot up the ends! Easy as that!




There are so many possibilities with this. I love the homemade feel, the absence of waste, and the creativity. If you use this technique, feel free to share photos of your masterpieces with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @homespunindy.

Thanks for following along, ya’ll!

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