Happy Father’s Day 2016

Dads: because you wouldn’t be here without one! It’s just true. Plus, they are usually in possession of a variety of skills such as: lifting heavy objects, administering valuable advice at critical moments, repairing all things mechanical, grilling delicious meats, pumping up bicycle tires, and telling funny (or not quite so funny) jokes. What skills does your dad add to this list? Whatever they are we have some great handmade goodies to add to his hopefully relaxing Father’s Day- which is, as you know, this Sunday the 19th! Our lovely staff will be happy to guide you towards just the right thing, and you can catch a glimpse of some of our¬†great options below.


Tent print by Arsenal Handicraft, bow ties (and if your guy is into bow ties, we have a huge selection) by Rock My Bow Tie, tie by Lonesome Traveler and mug by Dickinson Woodworking.

FDAY162On the left: card by Wry Goods, print by Ello There, iPad case by People for Urban Progress, a Rock My Bow Tie, and soap set by Old Factory Soap Co. On the right: candle by JKM, constellation notebook by Blackbird Letterpress, card by Cracked Designs, wallets by People for Urban Progress, another print by Arsenal Handicraft, “Not A Toy” Boat by 50 Little Birds, wooden comb by Mini Fab, and another tie by Lonesome Traveler.


Selection of cards and notebooks displayed in a vintage matchbook box by Indyardart, and leather jar cover my LM Products.


Just a few of our great Father’s Day cards by Wry Goods, Alternate Histories, Cracked Designs and Iron Leaf Press.


On the left: print by Ello There, bullet or wine bottle carrier by Circle City Growlers, and Johnny Appleseed tee by Yonder Clothing Co. On the Right: another great card by Cracked Designs.


On the left: we have a huge selection of self care products for dudes including soaps by Madame Scodioli, Cushings Barber Shop beard oils, and lotion by The Onyx Exchange. On the right: delicious and locally made goodies by Best Boy and Indiana Pickle Co.


On the left: print by Quiet Boy Studio. On the right: a selection of goodies for the geeky dad including magnets by Mark Shirar, Star Wars cards by Green Bird Letterpress, print by Quiet Boy Studio, Darth Vader lego art by Smitten by Kat, and Super Dad card by Alternate Histories.


This is such a beautiful leather portfolio, perfect for the professional dad by LM Products.


For the dapper dad: pocket squares by Sir Chamber and Lonesome Traveler on the left, and ties by Lonesome Traveler on the right.


Pocket knife by Salty and Sweet.


We can put together gift baskets with your dad in mind! Just ask.

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