HAPPY 2021

Funny how 2021 sounds just like 2020 WON,

when its quite the opposite.

Well. We made it. We seriously cannot thank our community enough for the outpouring of support during the last dizzy, unpredictable year. We’re bursting at our hand stitched seams with love from our neighbors, our makers and artists, our fabulous shoppers and our dedicated small team. 

See Whats New

We can’t wait to see what is IN STORE (literally) for us, our creators and our neighbors in 2021. Our favorite part of the post holiday shopping season madness is refilling our shelves with new items and restocking old favorites. We are constantly shifting over here, so come by to check out the latest or stay up to date with shop.homespunindy.com. Follow us on social (@homespunindy) to see even more!

Localize Your Resolutions

We’ll be personalizing and localizing our 2021 goals, and we encourage you to do the same! Think local, for example if your goal is to eat healthier, check out local groceries and farms to support. If your goal is to pick up a new hobby or skill, look into local classes or starter kits. Whatever inspires, organizes and fuels your creativity this year, we support you!



Thank you again for all of your support! We’re wishing our shoppers and makers all of the inspiration, happiness, creativity and love in the new year! We’ll be back in store Saturday, Jan. 2nd from 10 am to 8 pm. Cheers!

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