Foxglove Accessories

Maker: Betsy Siber
Based in: Chicago, Ill.
Price range: $18 to $80

Betsy Siber makes jewelry from found objects, sterling silver and resin but Homespun regulars might know her work best as “the postage stamp necklaces.”

“I was a recent college graduate with a photography major in summer of 2006,” says Siber. “Taking a break from the intensity of ‘fine art,’ I made my first pair of postage stamp earrings for fun. Two months later, I was putting together an entire line.”

Now Siber is part mom, part crafter, creating jewelry when she’s not caring for her daughter. “I work shorter hours but am somehow twice as efficient with my time,” she says.

Fun Facts: I have climbed Mt. Fuji, I hate celery, I cannot whistle.

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