Fisk and Fern

Maker: Laura Fisk
Based in: Austin, TX
Price range: $4 to 32

Laura Fisk says that she has been drawing, “since I can remember,” but the roots of her business can be directly traced to her high school job in a rubber stamp store. “I became entranced with being able to make images over and over again, and never stopped really,” she says.

Now Fisk makes hand-printed, water-based screen prints on paper and fabric. Her illustrations can be found on greeting cards, art prints, napkins and dish towels.

Fisk and Fern Fun Facts: 1. I love movies and TV and watch way too much Netflix Instant Streaming. 2. My husband and I just relocated half-way across the country from Brooklyn to Austin. 3. I drink tea, and my favorite is English Breakfast.

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