Dickinson Custom Furniture

Maker: Aaron Dickinson

Based in: Indianapolis & Greenfield, Ind.

Price range: $3 to $200



Aaron Dickinson was a swashbuckler in a previous life. “I started making wood swords for my friends and I to play with in middle school,” the wood worker says. He began building furniture in high school and when he graduated, made furniture to help pay his way through college.

Now, in addition to large custom pieces like benches and entertainment centers, Dickinson turns wooden bowls and makes a wide variety of cutting boards, sandwich and cheese boards, rolling pins and kitchen utensils from Indiana woods, many of which you can find at Homespun!

Dickinson Custom Furniture: 1. I have been married for seven years and have two kids (a toddler girl and infant boy).  2. I like reading and playing games with friends in my free time.  3. We, along with our neighbor, raise chickens, guinea fowl, and ducks (meat and eggs); goats (milk), and rabbit (meat).

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