Courtney Fischer Jewelry
Courtney Fischer Jewelry :: Marie Necklace, $30

Courtney Fischer Jewelry :: Marie Necklace, $30

Courtney Fischer
Based in:
Royal Oak, Mich.
Price range:

“I started crafting after a move to Chicago,” Courtney Fischer said. “I realized quickly that all my money went to rent, Trader Joe’s, and happy hour so I decided to make things myself. A friend introduced me to the world of indie craft fairs and I have been hooked ever since!”

Fischer’s copper and patina necklaces, earrings, cuffs, and bracelets have been a hit at Homespun, appearing on the cover of Indianapolis Monthly’s 2010 shopping guide.

Courtney Fischer Fun Fact: She can eat a bag of Sour Patch kids in under 10 minutes!

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