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Shop Safe, Shop Local

Welcome back to the blog, Homespun Shoppers!

Time flies when you’re stuck inside – the holidays are almost here. As a local business, the holidays are our favorite time of year! Nothing makes us happier than helping our community spread love; like when we help a customer find the perfect gift for a loved one.  While gatherings and holiday prep may look a bit different this year, there is so much magic to be made this holiday season.

We want our community to know above all; we hear you and we’re here for you. Hesitations about crowds, anxiety around holiday planning and social distancing are all valid and we want to meet you wherever you are by keeping our store clean and sanitized, practicing social distancing, and offering alternatives to in store shopping such as online ordering, curb side pickup, and call in ordering.

Shop Early, Shop Local

Our first and best tip is to get your holiday shopping done EARLY this year. Beat the holiday crowds and last minute gift giving anxiety! This allows you to take the stress out of the actual holiday season and enjoy yourself this season. Who hasn’t had to skip family hot cocoa time to sneak in last minute shopping days before Christmas? We typically suggest knocking out holiday shopping in early November in order to spend your holiday season making memories that don’t involve a check out line. This will particularly come in handy this year, and we’re suggesting shopping earlier than ever. The earlier you can get out to holiday shop, the less crowds you will run into and the better chance you have at scoring the best finds.

If you are interested in an added precaution, we are happy to accept Holiday Shopping Appointments prior to opening or after closing hours. To set up a private shopping appointment, please call the store at 317.351.0280!

Shop in Your PJs

Work, school, socializing, and even grocery shopping is being done online more than ever. Why not take the same practice with your holiday shopping list? We are working to keep our online store up-to-date for all of your shopping needs. Go ahead and wear your pjs, we’ll never know the difference. HAPPY SHOPPING! 

In-Store Practices

We will continue to practice social distancing in store. We have marked spots on the floor indicating your distance from other shoppers, as well as clear barriers at the registers. Our staff will continue to wear face masks and require our guests to do the same before entering the store. We have hand sanitizer and extra masks available by the front door. We also have handmade face masks for sale in store and online in a variety of designs, including kids sizes! We will be participating in holiday shopping events in November, and are working to create heated outdoor spaces for you to wait in, and we will continue these practices even with ongoing Mass Ave events.

Alternative Shopping

Still not feeling up for in person shopping? Not a worry! In addition to our online store, you can now purchase select products through Instagram. You can shop our online store from the comfort (and warmth) of your home. We’re happy to offer call in orders and curbside pickup as well; simply call the store and one of us will select and bag your items for you, take a contactless payment over the phone, and you’ll have the option to pick up your items by our front door or have a team member hand them off to you! Working around COVID has only made our team more creative in getting our products to you safely and responsibly (we’re still a lot of fun, don’t worry.) We’re thrilled to be open for extended holiday hours, and to have you in store, but want you to know you have options to fit your schedules and needs!

November Events (but distance-y)

For those wondering, YES some of your Mass Ave holiday traditions are still happening. We will be socially and spatially aware of crowds and gathering, as we plan on participating in Midnight Shopper Nov. 20, and Small Business Saturday Nov. 28.

Midnight Shopper, a beloved Mass Ave tradition, will take place Nov. 20 from 6 pm to midnight. You can join your favorite Mass Ave shops and restaurants for this once-a-year shopping and entertainment experience. We’re excited to join our neighbors in the fun!

It wouldn’t be November without our favorite day of the year, SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY, Nov. 28. This year you can support by shopping with us and our over 300 makers in store AND online. Show some love for your favorite locally-owned businesses and restaurants by shopping small.

We are so excited to be your go-to for holiday shopping in store and online, and look forward to spending the holidays with you! Stay tuned on our social media and blog as we take you #HomeWithHomespun, tease new holiday releases, post upcoming events and more. You can also stay in touch with us by joining our mailing list!


Happy Holidays,


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Local Halloween Treats

As if 2020 hasn’t been scary enough, its Halloween time already! We want to share some ideas to make this Halloween extra magical for you and your little monsters.  We have tricks and treats you won’t have to leave home for. Below are some of our favorite (non trick or treating) activities to keep everyone happy this Halloween. 

Local Halloween Treats & Classics 

We offer local candy and treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. Come in and pick up local candies and treats, like Frittle, Soberdough Beer Bread Mix, Best Chocolate in Town, Mayana Mini Chocolate Bars, and a variety of caramels and lollipops.

Your Halloween movie marathon isn’t complete without popcorn – we’ve got you covered in store and online with Farm Fresh Bottled Popcorn and Microwavable Popcorn on the Cob. Staff snack favorites also include the wide variety of B. Happy Peanut Butter and Fireside Marshmallows.

And speaking of classic Halloween movies, we have some fun Bergen Place Horror Villain and Hocus Pocus sticker sets to dress up your laptops, phones or water bottles. 

Activities for friendly ghosts

Entertain the whole family with our Halloween activity books and DIY Kits. In store, we have a Pumpkin DIY kit that gives you and your family the fun of pumpkin carving without the mess. Our Mini Creature Kits are scary cute and a hands on activity with a friend at the end, and the Halloween Activity Book is filled with 12 puzzles and activities for the spookiest fun.

Let your kids’ imaginations run wild with costumes. Dress up around the house just because! Kids love the comfort and creativity of LoveLane costume sets. Lovelane also has accessories like magic wands, crowns and so much more! 

 To say “reading is more fun than candy” might be a hard sell for the kids, but reading is so much fun with spooky reads like How to Make Friends with a Ghost and Mary Who Wrote Frankenstein. Enjoy some local chocolate as an after reading treat with your kids, you both deserve it! 

We got you covened 

Your Halloween parties are going to be smaller this year (we hope), but you can gather your main coven and tap into your spooky side! We have mystical books like Basic Witches and 9 Love Potions to express your witchiness. If you want to summon your powers into manifestation for good, we also have a selection of books all about manifesting your best self into existence. 


Make me a double, double, mixed and muddled

Skip the Halloween bar crawls and mix up something of your own with Portland Syrups.

Portland Syrups has a variety of beverage mixers to make the perfect mixed drink.  Our seasonal favorite Autumn Spice pairs nicely in a homemade cider. Don’t know where to start with ciders? We have a Hard Cider Kit from Brewshop to get you on your way to creating magic. We also carry Bootblack Small Batch Cocktail and Soda Syrup in unique flavors like Cranberry Jalapeno Lime and Traditional Old Fashioned so you can be the best Work From Home Bartender on the block. 

While you’re entertaining, make your table look haunting with skeleton plates and mugs from Folded Pigs. These spooky designs come in skull and bone designs to dress up your table settings and give your guests a fright. We can’t get enough of the skull and cutlery mugs! You can also set the tone with the Bitches Brew or Hocus Pocus candles from JKM Soy Candles. 

In addition, we have finds like the Show Me Your Guts Adult Coloring Book or Monthly Magickal Record journal to spend an introspective night in. Nothing scarier than your own thoughts! Trick or treat yourself to some down time with one of our bath bombs while you’re at it. 

Reverse Trick or Treating

If you mail a handmade card and candy to a friend’s doorstep, is it Reverse Trick or Treating? We have dozens of greeting cards with one of a kind Halloween designs to let your coven know you’re thinking of them. Send along some goodies like this Pumpkin Juice button or local candy. 


No matter how you’re spending this spooky, socially distant Halloween, remember to wear a mask, wash your hands and have fun!

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Candy Cane Maple Syrup Is What Elves Crave

Candy Cane Maple Syrup has arrived from the Candy Cane Forest. And before you say it’s too early to to fire up the Christmas hype train let me remind you that Christmas is in our hearts year round.

Tree Juice heats their 100% Pure Tree Juice Maple Syrup™ and adds organically grown peppermint leaves from the farm. It is then steeped over night before being filtered and bottled, leaving a refreshing-but-not-overpowering minty zing!

It’s delicious on pancakes and waffles but also fantastic in tea, coffee, hot chocolate, cocktails and over ice cream and spaghetti! Trust us, it’s Buddy-approved.

Shop in-store and online now!

candy cane maple syrup


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mobilhome Is A Stylish Family Tech Organizer

Nobody wants to be the bad guy and ask friends and family to put their mobile devices down so that we can connect.

Mobilhome‘s designer was inspired to make a handheld device version of the Hawaii’an practice of removing your shoes when you come inside.

The Merino Wool Tech Organizer is a gentle way of asking people to respect the home by being present with those inside.

Shop in-store or online now!

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Well Butter My Biscuit Mix

Using biscuit mix might offend the sensibilities of a scratch cook, but let’s be real – ain’t nobody but food bloggers got time to live that Epicurious life full-time. Especially when things get really hairy around the holidays.

That’s why we’ll be using Forage South‘s this holiday season. Based on Chef Brandon Frohne’s biscuit recipe, the Sea Salt & Buttermilk Biscuit Mix is a high-quality time saver so you can savor high-quality time with the people you love.

Available now in-store and online!

biscuit mix



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