Maker: Alexa Lemley and Samantha Aulick
Based in: Columbus, Ind.
Price range: $5 and higher
Website: 240sweet.com

“We started making gourmet marshmallows to give away with our catering menus,” said Samantha Aulick. “They were a way to thank customers and introduce people to our favorite flavors. Soon, people were asking to buy the marshmallows.”

240sweet’s large, fluffy marshmallows feature gourmet flavors like Sweet Corn, Cherry Limeade, and Roasted Coconut. They’ve gotten national media buzz in the form of coverage in the Wall Street Journal and Oprah’s O Magazine and are a hit at farmer’s markets, where Sam and Alexa roast marshmallow samples over small burners.

Stop in, try a sample, and pick up a bag of three huge, delicious marshmallows. They’re perfect for spring s’mores!

240sweet Fun Facts: 1. We love to go on road trips in the car. We always start out with an end destination but not always an itinerary. Not too long ago, we enjoyed riding a vintage carousel that we found meandering back home through Ohio. It was in this little town that we never expected. 2. We were best friends in our teens, became life-partners as adults and can’t wait for gay marriage to be legal in Indiana. 3. We enjoy reading and have stacks of books next to the bed. Sometimes, it feels like the books will take over the house.

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