Year: 2019
Candy Cane Maple Syrup Is What Elves Crave

Candy Cane Maple Syrup has arrived from the Candy Cane Forest. And before you say it’s too early to to fire up the Christmas hype train let me remind you that Christmas is in our hearts year round.

Tree Juice heats their 100% Pure Tree Juice Maple Syrup™ and adds organically grown peppermint leaves from the farm. It is then steeped over night before being filtered and bottled, leaving a refreshing-but-not-overpowering minty zing!

It’s delicious on pancakes and waffles but also fantastic in tea, coffee, hot chocolate, cocktails and over ice cream and spaghetti! Trust us, it’s Buddy-approved.

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candy cane maple syrup


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mobilhome Is A Stylish Family Tech Organizer

Nobody wants to be the bad guy and ask friends and family to put their mobile devices down so that we can connect.

Mobilhome‘s designer was inspired to make a handheld device version of the Hawaii’an practice of removing your shoes when you come inside.

The Merino Wool Tech Organizer is a gentle way of asking people to respect the home by being present with those inside.

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Well Butter My Biscuit Mix

Using biscuit mix might offend the sensibilities of a scratch cook, but let’s be real – ain’t nobody but food bloggers got time to live that Epicurious life full-time. Especially when things get really hairy around the holidays.

That’s why we’ll be using Forage South‘s this holiday season. Based on Chef Brandon Frohne’s biscuit recipe, the Sea Salt & Buttermilk Biscuit Mix is a high-quality time saver so you can savor high-quality time with the people you love.

Available now in-store and online!

biscuit mix



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Eat Petersen Family Farm’s Popcorn Right Off The Cob

Inhabitants of this continent have been eating popcorn for thousands of years. For most of that time, it was eaten straight off the cob. Then we decided that we were fancy, there was a guy named Orville, microwaves were invented – you can Google the details.

Anyway, the moral of this corny post is that Peterson Family Farm in Utah has taken the old way of enjoying North America’s Official Snack – on the cob – and blended it with the newish way  of preparing it – in the microwave.

Each package contains two individually vacuum-wrapped non-GMO corn cobs, popping bags for each cob, and cooking instructions.

Available in-store and online now!

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Moonlight Makers Got Mom Jokes For Days

Moonlight Makers are an Asheville, NC team who apply their awesome mom jokes to a wide variety of products like tea towels…


can koozies…

and magnets…

among other things. Everything pictured above is now available in-store and online!

Want to learn more about Moonlight Makers? Check out this video.

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