Year: 2015
Handmade Things for 20-16


2015 has been a great year for us at Homespun! We’ve been getting to know our new neighborhood, stocking up on lots of new handmade vendors from around the country, and growing our selection of workshops and events. Thank you for being part of the fun this year, and our goal is to continue to provide you with beautiful handmade things for twenty-sixteen. Card by Haven Paperie.

NYE Party Time


These beautiful darlings are from Hatcraft Studio; adorn your hair and make a statement at your classy New Year’s Eve Party, then tuck them away to impress at your next event!


New Year’s is the time for lots and lots of sparkle. Love these shoulder dusters from Salame Jewelry Design and these beautiful resin filled necklaces from Muro Jewelry. The shine is hard to capture, you have to see them all in person!


What’s a celebration without a celebratory drink? Save that champagne for morning mimosas with these bottle stoppers from Engler Glass and keep track of drinks with dry erase wine charms from Dulcet Design. Or, be the hero and bring some fun drinks to the party with you! Wilks and Wilson’s elixirs are perfect for mixing unique concoctions and this growler carrier is just plain convenient.

NYE Resolutions


We all want to be more organized. Grab one of these beautifully illustrated planners from Little Otsu. And don’t worry, you can start any time of the year!


After the holidays, giving thanks is a great way to start off a new year. We have a great selection of unique thank you cards. Can you think of anyone your grateful for?

2016 Calendars


I’m obsessed with this moon phase tea towel from Little Lark (as you can see in my Furoshiki blog) and the touches of gold on this seasonal moon calendar are perfect for adding a special little touch of luxury to your workspace this year: from Katie Vernon Illustration. We have lots of other calendars to choose from, come take a look!

Thats all, folks! Can’t wait to see you in 2016!

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This Week at the Shop: December 21st

It’s P-Day, everyone! The “P” stands for “presents” and the “Day” stands for “get ’em now ’cause your running out of time!”

We’ve got lots to choose from, and if your wondering what to get I highly recommend checking out our Employee Holiday Gift Picks blog series. There are lots and lots of good ideas waiting for you there. Our wonderful staff is trained to assist, as well, and will happily ignore the fact that you’ve waited for the last waning moments before Christmas to buy the perfect thing for that special someone. Hey, you did come to just the right place to find it, after all!

Holiday Hours

21st-23rd: 10am- 9pm

24th (Christmas Eve): 9am- 4pm

25th (Christmas): Closed

26th & 27th: Regular Hours (Saturday 10am- 9pm & Sunday 11am- 6pm)

New Years Eve: 10am- 6pm

New Years Day: Closed



Another huge THANK YOU goes out to everyone who contributed to our fundraising efforts for Coburn Place and Project Home Indy. What a joy to wrap and donate it all!



Give yourself the gift of creative downtime while your at grandma & pa’s with Sublime Stiching’s Christmas Time Embroidery Patterns. We also received a whole bundle of these magical little snow globe ornaments from Glak Love!


These. Are. Addicting. Get some, we have ’em! From Newfangled Confections.


Lots of new Indiana wine charms from Convertible Girl, too. Made right here in Indianapolis.

That does it for 2015! See you next YEAR, friends!

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Meet Your Maker: Vivie and Ash


Sara Hood is the sole designer and creator behind Indianapolis based Vivie & Ash. She focuses on modern, comfortable, organic children’s clothes. And they are so stinkin’ cute! I love the simple designs and beautiful fabric patterns. She’s also a loving mother of two who, surprisingly, started off her career as a professional ballet dancer. Read on to learn more about this talented and creative seamstress.

What do you do? 

I design and sew organic cotton children’s apparel and baby clothes.

Why do you do it?

It’s taken me quite a while to figure out but I feel like I was born to create, it’s very difficult for me to sit still. If I’m not physically creating it, I am dreaming it up in my head.


What do you love about your job?

As much as I love what I do, the thing that I love the most is that it gives me the flexibility I wanted to be able to be home with our two young children. They are the reason the business exists and on the days that I might feel like giving up, they are the reason I push on. I can’t bear the thought of being away from them 5 days a week from 7:30 am to 6 pm. I’ve been there and it didn’t work for me.

Was being a working artist always your plan or was there an “aha” moment?

It’s kind of crazy actually. I was a professional ballet dancer straight out of high school for 5 years before I decided to go to college. I quit dancing cold turkey and made up my mind to go to business school. I pictured myself as a professional woman wearing a business suit with an upper level position in a global company someday. I was somewhat on my way there (although I found out I hate suits and made my way through interviews without ever wearing one) and then we had our first child and reality set in. My priorities did a complete 180 and I found out that I really wanted to be a mom and work from home. After many work from home opportunities didn’t pan out I decided to create my own. And now I can wear yoga pants to the “office.” Every day.



How do you work, and where?

I work at home whenever I can find the time. I’ve taken over half of our kitchen table and dream of the day I can have a littttttttle more space. Some days are set aside to get things done while I find things to keep the little ones entertained but the majority of my work is done while they are sleeping. They are not the best the sleepers so that’s one of my biggest challenges!

If you could swap lives with another artist and live as them without anyone knowing that you were really you and not the other person, who would that person be?

Tina Fey

What makes a handmade object valuable?

Every handmade object no matter how large or small has a story. I’ve found that most makers share a common bond, one of self doubt but also of perseverance. Great work does not come from giving up, you will never create your best work if you give up. So I think the value comes in the history of the creator, the story that is behind the item. Every handmade piece is a labor of love in one way or another.


Using that definition, what’s the most valuable object you own?

I lived in New York for a short time and purchased a piece of artwork from a man that was drawing on cardboard with colored pencils in the subway station.

Tell us one true thing about yourself that people don’t believe when you tell them.

That I taught myself how to sew by doing a lot of googling 🙂

How do you choose your fabrics?

I have a few designers that I love and I tend to use the same ones from season to season although I also love discovering new ones! I am inspired by fabric to create certain pieces. I see something I fall in love with and usually feel right away… this needs to be a dress, a shirt, a skirt.. whatever it is. It takes a lot of time searching online and many times I’ll find something that isn’t right for what I am doing at the moment but it’s something I come back to later.

What is the biggest challenge in making children’s clothing?

Can I say everything? Haha, not really! I think the most challenging to me is staying true your own self and style while keeping up with trends but also being unique. Those 3 things are what makes it challenging for me.


Any new designs on the horizon? 

I am inspired daily so we will see what happens! My biggest fear is that I will hit a point where I am not inspired to create something new, like the moment of inspiration for the next season just never comes. I am starting to design SS 16 and we’ll see if I can pull it off. Each season starts with a tiny little idea and it grows from there so when you see it all together sometimes it’s hard to believe you actually did it. This Fall is the first time I really feel like I designed a “collection.” It was challenging, but I loved it! Vivie & Ash has evolved fairly quickly so who knows what all will be happening by next summer.


Thank you Sara for sharing with us! Be sure to follow her on Instagram @vivieandash or on Facebook @vivie-ash. You can purchase her lovely creations here at Homespun or at


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This Week at the Shop: December 14th

We’re keeping our shelves filled with lovely handmade things that are being sent in daily from the hands of our makers! We have some great new things and are really excited for this Saturday, SUPER Saturday, the very last Saturday before Christmas (YUP). Not only can you shop from our selection of lovingly made goodies but we’ll help you with 10% off your total purchase if you help Project Home Indy by bringing in twin or crib sheets, bath/kitchen towels, or toilet paper, new in package. This Saturday only, wrap up your shopping with some thoughtful and unique specialties at a discount.



Love this shiny printed tree ornament from Manayunk Calligraphy.


The perfect little table to fit anywhere, not too big and not too small and made with a purpose by Purposeful Design. “Purposeful Design employs and trains men who have been without a home or who have found it difficult to get a job – helping rebuild lives while teaching the craft of woodworking through positive and encouraging mentorship.”


50 Little Birds makes leather goods now! This is a sturdy waxed pouch and there are leather suspenders, too! Retro Indy brings us phone cases with vintage photos of Indianapolis. Adorable tea towels from Little Minnow and the sweetest little birdie bowls from Tasha McKelvey.


T-Rex gift tags from Pearl & Marmalade, two little birds by 50 Little Birds, beautiful ceramic phone dock/ vase combos by Stak Ceramics, and this gorgeous blue whale carving (you need to see this in person) by 50 Little Birds.


Lighted Monument letterpressed coasters by Katydid all restocked and ready, plush ornaments by Vincent Desjardins, bird ornament by 50 Little Birds, and this stinkin’ adorable dino by The Happy Groundhog Studio.



Thank you everyone who has donated thus far! We’ve got so much back here!

See ya next time, friends!

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This Week at the Shop: December 7th

Happy December everyone! I hope this loveliest of months is going smoothly for you; making plans-wise, shopping-wise, decorating-wise and family-wise. December can get complicated, and we hope Homespun can help smooth it out, even in the smallest way. We’ve got so many beautiful, lovingly made, unique gifts that will surely delight your friends and kin. Here are a few new items available on the shelves, as well as some fun events coming up.


Beautiful new ceramics from Elizabeth Benotti Handmade Ceramics.


Lovely wire head bands new from Little Minnow, donut doggie toys by Miso Handmade, cleansing oil and toning water from Freedom Soap Co., owlie pillows from Jilly Jack Designs and housie pillows from Garbella.


Vintage Camera print by Jillian Nickell Art Prints, lotsa new chapsticks from Aromaholic, bibs by Garbella, and Gonna Kick It letterpress print by Amy Rice Art.


Yelp’s Totally Bazaar: Thursday, December 10th, 6-10pm: Come see us at Yelp’s annual pop up shopping party with more than 120 local businesses! Check-in on the Yelp app for your Yelp Shop Local tote because this hefty list of local businesses is certain to fill your hands! Thank you to our photography, photo booth and videography partners: Little Robot Photography, Grins and Giggles Photo Booth and Indever Studios!

Super Saturday: December 19th: We’ll be offering 10% off for donations to Project Home Indy. Bring in new-in-package twin and crib-sized sheet sets, bath and/or kitchen towels, and toilet paper to benefit this program that assists homeless mothers-to-be.

See ya next time, friends!

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