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Park ‘n’ Print: Kyle Durrie’s Moveable Type Truck Visits Homespun

Kyle Durrie pulled her mobile printing studio pulled up in front of Homespun on Sunday morning and spent the afternoon printing posters with guests and talking about her craft. We hope that you were able to come out and meet her, but if not, watch the video we shot with her while she was here.

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Moveable Type Truck Visits Homespun Today!

(Durrie’s mobile shop.)

Kyle Durrie of Power and Light Press, Portland, OR, will set up shop temporarily today outside of Homespun: Modern Handmade. Durrie has taken her trade on tour in a Moveable Type truck. The letterpress artist will do demos in her mobile shop and let people try their hand at this centuries-old printing method. It’s free, so you definitely don’t want to miss it. Afterward you can check out Homespun’s selection of letterpress goods, grab a beer at Irvington’s new brewpub, Black Acre Brewing Co., and check out the Irvington Guild of Artists Film Night featuring “$100 And A T-Shirt,” a documentary film about ‘zines!

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Aaron Scamihorn
Based in:
Indianapolis IN
Price range:

Aaron Scamihorn is a designer by day but, “after 8 years of graphic design and digital illustration, I wanted to get my hands dirty again and rediscover that tactile satisfaction only realized from a creating physical piece of art,” he says.

Scamihorn makes small runs of hand-screened prints and uses his comic-inspired to capture the likenesses of both real and fictive people he finds interesting and has become a go-to designer of concert posters in Indianapolis and beyond.

Fun facts: I sleep only 6 out of every 7 nights for productivity purposes. I love dachshunds but my dog has enough chihuahua blood that she is technically a chi-weenie. I played bass guitar and sang lead vocals in multiple punk bands in my teens and early 20’s.

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Cordial Kitten

Maker: Candice Hartsough McDonald
Based in: Indianapolis, IN
Price range: $8-$400

Candice Hartsough McDonald studied illustration at Herron School of Art and after graduating, “I realized that if I wanted to work as an illustrator, I would have to become my own one-woman show,” she says. “I now work as a freelance illustrator, a portrait artist, and have infiltrated the indie craft show circuit.”

McDonald makes illustrated portraits of families, pets, families and their pets in watercolor, has worked on several children’s books, and also makes pendants and plush animals based on her work.

Fun facts: I have an extensive vintage owl collection that spans several rooms in my house. I only have one cat, and she lives outside in her little kitten condo my husband built for her. Sometimes I have to run up a flight of stairs as fast as I can or else the ghost will catch me.

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What’s Country Now? 50 Little Birds + abbeychristine!

(50 Little Birds + abbeychristine)

Homespun was extremely proud to be included in Country Living Magazine’s March 2012 “What’s Country Now” feature and we were pleased as punch that two of our long-time supporters and vendors – Geoff Davis of 50 Little Birds and Abbey Hambright of abbeychristine – were mentioned in the article. Congrats to Geoff and Abbey!

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