Month: August
Stinkybomb Soap

Stinkybomb Soaps :: Hand Grenade Soap $14

Maker: Megan Green

Based in: Columbus, Ohio

Price range: $7-14


A few years ago, Megan Green’s life was blown up by a fake grenade. Green’s husband makes replica weapons for reenacters and prop houses and “while I was tending to our newborn daughter a few years back, one of his grenade molds caught my attention,” she said. Having dabbled in soap making, Green had the basics down. “A quick trip the to the craft store and the first Stinkybomb Soap was made,” she said.

Green is now a mother of two and not only manufactures and sells fragrant soaps in made in the shape of grenades, states, doll heads and cassette tapes, she is one of the organizers of Craftin’ Outlaws as well as a manager for a Columbus-based candle shop chain.

Stinkybomb Fun Facts: I enjoy a glass of gin and tonic after the kids fall asleep. If I could I’d wear jeans and a t-shirt to every upscale event I was invited to. Before I had kids I would read books and watch movies and go to concerts; one day I hope to do these things again.

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Help Homespun Open A Workshop & Small Business Incubator!

When we first conceived Homespun it was intended to be a boutique, gallery, and workshop space. But the realities of retail made it impossible to execute our full vision. Until now.

Homespun is on the cusp of winning a $25,000 grant through Pepsi’s Refresh Everything campaign and with your help we can bring it home. The top 15 proposals in our tier at the end of August win and we are hanging tough in the top 10. You can vote daily online at with a login or by using Facebook and you can vote each day via SMS as well by texting 108002 to Pepsi (73774).

Our workshop will be located on the east side of Indianapolis and offer a wide range of craft technique classes as well as business development resources for budding artisans and makers. A few seconds of your time each day could make a world of difference to a lot of people. If you have any questions about how it works, drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter!

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