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  • Blue Mind Roasting
    Blue Mind Roasting
    Food and Beverage

    Blue Mind Roasting – local, small batch, and thoughtfully made, you can’t ask for much more from your coffee. Sourcing from expert green coffee growers and paying a fair price for it, Blue Mind avoids the over roasting flavors, letting the coffee’s natural origin notes steep through. Now you can get your caffeine and feel good about it.

  • Hatcraft Studio
    Hatcraft Studio
    Children's Accessories, Hats, Women's Accessories

    Handmade hats, fascinators and embellishments, Hatcraft Studio comes from the workroom of Emily Clark. Stylish, graphic, modern, Hatcraft Studio offers unique felt and feather designs.  Light, easy to wear and affordable- choose from hats, combs, fascinators even earrings. Lovingly handmade from the finest materials.

  • Made By Amy D.
    Made By Amy D.
    Flair, Housewares, Kitchen Goods

    She’s been sewing since the 7th grade and now Amy D. makes goods from salvaged and recycled materials that make your home a happier place.  You’ll find wine bottle koozies, beer pocket aprons, profanity pins, and more flare all in our shop from this prolific seamstress.

  • The Black Apple
    The Black Apple
    Art Prints, Books and Magazines, Greeting Cards and Stationery

    The Black Apple is the imagination of Artist Emily Winfield Martin.  In the whimsical world of her mind, she creates fairy girls, dream animals, and writes children’s books where they can all live.  You’ll find prints, cards and sets, and a collection of her stories here in our store, and we bet you’ll fall in love with them just as hard as we have.

  • WORN

    WORN is a jewelry line launched in 2014 by artist Braydee Euliss. Her sculpture background informs both design and production processes. The collection draws inspiration from organic, raw, and industrial materials. Found or salvaged components are frequently incorporated in her pieces, rendering each a one-of-a-kind or limited edition design. Her commitment to quality and wearability ensures that each piece is completed by the artist in her Indiana studio.

  • Ari Press
    Ari Press
    Greeting Cards and Stationery

    A small, independent, one-woman letterpress studio, Ari Press, came to be in 2008 when graphic designer Carrie Strange purchased a small tabletop press. After learning the basics of printing through trial and error, online forums, chat rooms and videos, Carrie bought a larger press. Though she is still a full time graphic designer, much of her spare time is spent working on her line of letterpress stationery and paper goods – and she’s been an Indiana Artisan since 2011.

  • Dulcet Design
    Dulcet Design
    Art Prints, City and State Pride, Home Décor, Housewares, Jewelry

    Dulcet Design is a unique line of lightweight acrylic jewelry, home accessories and prints. Alicia Stoughton, a trained Architect, is the designer behind the Dulcet Design collection and creates each piece in her Cincinnati Ohio home and studio. Using the talents and eye developed in Architectural training, Alicia creates all of the durable, streamlined, extremely wearable designs.

  • Blackbird Letterpress
    Blackbird Letterpress
    Greeting Cards and Stationery, Journals & Notebooks

    Blackbird letterpress offers unique and elegant letterpress printing from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Specializing in stationery, handmade notebooks, calendars, and  letterpress, this Southern team of five shines with talent and we’re happy to have their collection represented in our shop!

  • PieBox
    Kitchen Goods

    PieBox designs reusable wooden pastry carriers and accessories. Handcrafted with love in the wonderful USA, PieBox™ and CakeBox™ are perfect for transporting your cakes, cupcakes, pies, tarts and sweets!

  • Axler Works
    Axler Works
    City and State Pride, Flair, Home Décor, Housewares

    Daniel Axler is an Indianapolis based photographer with over 30 years experience. Each of his magnets come from an original photograph that are then hand-cut and assembled. Our customers love finding his retro sign magnets from Roselyn Bakery, Atlas Super Market, and more.

  • Abbey Christine
    Abbey Christine

    Abbey Christine makes quirky, recycled felt finger puppets of your favorite pop culture characters, along with a few other goodies from time to time. Each puppet is created from 100% recycled polyester felt made from discarded plastic bottles. This material is soft, washable and, best of all, environmentally friendly. Every item is cut and sewn entirely by hand, ensuring that that you receive a tiny work of art that’s totally unique and to the highest quality standards.

  • Jen Townsend Jewelry
    Jen Townsend Jewelry

    Drawing inspiration from pattern and natural forms, the work of Columbus, Ohio based artist Jen Townsend is often rooted in color.  Every piece is carefully made and finished by hand using traditional metalsmith techniques, kiln fired enamel, and recycled precious metals whenever possible.