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  • AYDRY & Co.
    AYDRY & Co.
    Bath and Body Care, Candles, Incense and Room Sprays

    Sophisticated, handcrafted, luxurious – just a few words we’d use to describe AYDRY & Co. With a commitment to quality, their entire line of candles, body oils, and soaks are vegan, cruelty free, and made with organic ingredients.  The minimal product design reflects their sophisticated sensibility as a brand – and we find ourselves daydreaming of the perfect contemporary bathroom to house these lovely products.

  • By Yivvie
    By Yivvie

    By Yivvie is all about handmade, unique stuffed animals – and other goods – to bring you joy. Each item is lovingly designed and hand sewn in Philadelphia, PA. All of the patterns are made from scratch, too, taken from original drawings that use simple shapes to make up each animal.

  • Driftless Magazine
    Driftless Magazine
    Books and Magazines

    Driftless is an ad-free, independent publication about food, art and adventuring in Midwest America. Introducing readers to the creative and awe-inspiring wonders the Midwest by way of stories, illustrations, photos, seasonal recipes, guides and interviews, their 100-page, full color, perfect-bound print magazine is printed biannually and provides tangible proof that the Midwest is more than merely flyover territory.

  • Katie Carder Fine Jewelry
    Katie Carder Fine Jewelry

    Inspired by shapes and patterns found in nature, Katie can be found walking her dog on a sunny day with sketchbook and camera in hand – collecting her inspiration. She emulates, alters, simplifies, and repeats shapes she finds in nature to create original works of wearable art. You can feel good about wearing your Katie Carder jewelry too – Each year a portion of the company’s proceeds is donated to animal shelters and rescue groups in the Midwest.

  • Adam Debolt
    Adam Debolt
    Greeting Cards and Stationery

    Adam Debolt is a mild-mannered intellectual property licensor by day and an energetic illustrator/animator by night.  Inspired by old Filmation cartoons from the 1970s, Adam makes cartoons himself and some sweet wrapping paper we carry in store.

  • Amy Rice Art
    Amy Rice Art
    Art Prints

    Minneapolis artist and printmaker Amy Rice has exhibited her fine art in galleries nationally and abroad for over a decade. After finding an antique sign press machine (a type of letterpress) and some great fonts in an antique shop one day, she heard “You Can Go Your Own Way” on the radio on the drive home, and had a giant lightbulb moment. The prints and letterpress products that came from that lightbulb have been a hit ever since.


  • Deesum Designs
    Deesum Designs

    Molly, the creator of Deesum Designs, has been designing jewelry for over 9 years. Using various metals and even antlers in her work, Molly says she is inspired most by the worlds and characters she finds in literature. She also relishes the challenge of creating one-of-a-kind pieces.

  • RONLEWHORN Industries
    RONLEWHORN Industries
    Art Prints, Greeting Cards and Stationery, Holiday and Seasonal

    From illustrations to portraiture, gig posters to branding, RONLEWHORN Industries is where it’s at. His Princess Bride prints are iconic to our shop. Inspired by the likes of Warhol and Lichtenstein, RONLEWHORN focuses work around portraiture saying, “I think there is something we connect to in an illustrated portrait that is deeper than a photograph. It highlights and accentuates the details characteristics in a way that a camera can’t.”

  • Jen Townsend Jewelry
    Jen Townsend Jewelry

    Drawing inspiration from pattern and natural forms, the work of Columbus, Ohio based artist Jen Townsend is often rooted in color.  Every piece is carefully made and finished by hand using traditional metalsmith techniques, kiln fired enamel, and recycled precious metals whenever possible.

  • B. Happy Peanut Butter
    B. Happy Peanut Butter
    Food and Beverage

    “A lemonade stand on crack” – that’s how founders of B. Happy Peanut Butter describe their once small family venture, now turned country-wide addiction.  It really is peanut butter you’ll just eat with a spoon – trust us. Layered with pretzels, nuts, fruit, chocolate, and even popcorn – the very many varieties of B. Happy will leave everyone happy. And now we’re hungry.

  • Katydid Design
    Katydid Design
    Art Prints, City and State Pride, Greeting Cards and Stationery, Housewares

    Katydid is a letterpress studio based in Chicago, IL. We are inspired by design, fine art, family, letterpress, and combining these elements to create playful, elegant, and singular paper goods. Kate, the founder behind Katydid, prints on a cast iron press that’s more than one hundred years old, and named the business katydid because that’s what her family called her during her childhood in the midwest.

  • Megan Lee Designs
    Megan Lee Designs
    Children's Apparel, City and State Pride, Men's & Unisex Apparel, Women's Apparel

    Megan Lee Designs are original and hand-drawn with a sketchy nuanced quality to them. We think things are more fun this way. In 2003, Megan began creating designs that tickled her fancy and made her smile. She took a screen-printing class and fell in love with printing her illustrations on clothing. Erik (husband) helped her lug stuff to craft shows, organize the early orders, and eventually got promoted to VP of running stuff. You can find their t-shirts, baby goods, scarves, and more in our shop!