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  • Terrific Friends
    Terrific Friends
    Art Prints

    Terrific Friends was born after creator, Diana Shafer, had an art exhibit where she displayed 64 original portraits of famous literary figures. She sold so many that she turned it into a business to share with bibliophiles all over the world.  From historical figures like Nathaniel Hawthorne to local heroes like Kurt Vonnegut, you’ll definitely find a friend in this collection.

  • bkykid
    Men's & Unisex Apparel, Women's Apparel

    Bkykid’s got your back – literally. Helping you accomplish some relaxation whilst engaging with your kids, these playmat shirts are like the best invention ever.  And if you’re a parent, you really, really get it.

  • RONLEWHORN Industries
    RONLEWHORN Industries
    Art Prints, Greeting Cards and Stationery, Holiday and Seasonal

    From illustrations to portraiture, gig posters to branding, RONLEWHORN Industries is where it’s at. His Princess Bride prints are iconic to our shop. Inspired by the likes of Warhol and Lichtenstein, RONLEWHORN focuses work around portraiture saying, “I think there is something we connect to in an illustrated portrait that is deeper than a photograph. It highlights and accentuates the details characteristics in a way that a camera can’t.”

  • Pine Street Makery
    Pine Street Makery
    Art Prints, Greeting Cards and Stationery, Handbags, Totes, Purses and Pouches, Kitchen Goods

    Pine Street Makery is all things handmade by Jessica Maloan. Pine Street’s collection of tea towels, art prints, home goods and accessories are all printed by hand in Nashville, Tennesse, using environmentally-friendly inks and supplies.  We dig the pencil printed pencil pouches a whole lot.

  • Bean and Bailey
    Bean and Bailey
    Ceramics, Home Décor, Housewares

    The southern duo of Bean & Bailey produce small-batch and functional ceramics. Their contemporary slip-cast ceramics address the needs for containing, serving, consuming, displaying, growing, and showing.  Using colored porcelain slip to construct both subtly organic forms, as well as faceted vessels inspired by natural crystals and gems, the line is both modern and practical – perfect additions to the contemporary home.

  • Function

    Jennifer Creighton, the talent behind Function Pottery, creates work that is simultaneously functional and beautiful. Using an oxygen-saturated electric kiln atmosphere and contrasting glazes, Jennifer has worked hard to fine tune her craft, creating a line that is uniquely her own.

  • B. Happy Peanut Butter
    B. Happy Peanut Butter
    Food and Beverage

    “A lemonade stand on crack” – that’s how founders of B. Happy Peanut Butter describe their once small family venture, now turned country-wide addiction.  It really is peanut butter you’ll just eat with a spoon – trust us. Layered with pretzels, nuts, fruit, chocolate, and even popcorn – the very many varieties of B. Happy will leave everyone happy. And now we’re hungry.

  • Augie & Lola
    Augie & Lola
    Children's Accessories

    Augie & Lola makes simple products for your not so simple life.  From bows, beanies and bibs, blankets, pacifier clips and wet bags, burp cloths, changing pads and reusable bags…Augie & Lola has something for all ages and all stages of parenting.

  • Creature Type
    Creature Type
    Flair, Men's & Unisex Accessories, Women's Accessories

    Creature Type, graphic designer by day, maker of pop-culture-inspired, feisty, and cute flair for your favorite denim jacket by night. Oh and she’s the illustrator of our favorite lady power, adult coloring book in store: Boss Babes. Hello, Dolly for real.

  • Bloomies
    Children's Accessories

    Inheriting family talent and furthering her skills through practice, Jennifer, the brains behind Bloomies, has created a successful line of felted and fabric children’s accessories. Layered flower hair pins, headbands, and bows are just a few of her creations.

  • Blue Mind Roasting
    Blue Mind Roasting
    Food and Beverage

    Blue Mind Roasting – local, small batch, and thoughtfully made, you can’t ask for much more from your coffee. Sourcing from expert green coffee growers and paying a fair price for it, Blue Mind avoids the over roasting flavors, letting the coffee’s natural origin notes steep through. Now you can get your caffeine and feel good about it.

  • WORN

    WORN is a jewelry line launched in 2014 by artist Braydee Euliss. Her sculpture background informs both design and production processes. The collection draws inspiration from organic, raw, and industrial materials. Found or salvaged components are frequently incorporated in her pieces, rendering each a one-of-a-kind or limited edition design. Her commitment to quality and wearability ensures that each piece is completed by the artist in her Indiana studio.