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  • Dulcet Design
    Dulcet Design
    Art Prints, City and State Pride, Home Décor, Housewares, Jewelry

    Dulcet Design is a unique line of lightweight acrylic jewelry, home accessories and prints. Alicia Stoughton, a trained Architect, is the designer behind the Dulcet Design collection and creates each piece in her Cincinnati Ohio home and studio. Using the talents and eye developed in Architectural training, Alicia creates all of the durable, streamlined, extremely wearable designs.

  • Driftless Magazine
    Driftless Magazine
    Books and Magazines

    Driftless is an ad-free, independent publication about food, art and adventuring in Midwest America. Introducing readers to the creative and awe-inspiring wonders the Midwest by way of stories, illustrations, photos, seasonal recipes, guides and interviews, their 100-page, full color, perfect-bound print magazine is printed biannually and provides tangible proof that the Midwest is more than merely flyover territory.

  • Made By Amy D.
    Made By Amy D.
    Flair, Housewares, Kitchen Goods

    She’s been sewing since the 7th grade and now Amy D. makes goods from salvaged and recycled materials that make your home a happier place.  You’ll find wine bottle koozies, beer pocket aprons, profanity pins, and more flare all in our shop from this prolific seamstress.

  • Hatcraft Studio
    Hatcraft Studio
    Children's Accessories, Hats, Women's Accessories

    Handmade hats, fascinators and embellishments, Hatcraft Studio comes from the workroom of Emily Clark. Stylish, graphic, modern, Hatcraft Studio offers unique felt and feather designs.  Light, easy to wear and affordable- choose from hats, combs, fascinators even earrings. Lovingly handmade from the finest materials.

  • Jen Townsend Jewelry
    Jen Townsend Jewelry

    Drawing inspiration from pattern and natural forms, the work of Columbus, Ohio based artist Jen Townsend is often rooted in color.  Every piece is carefully made and finished by hand using traditional metalsmith techniques, kiln fired enamel, and recycled precious metals whenever possible.

  • Adam Debolt
    Adam Debolt
    Greeting Cards and Stationery

    Adam Debolt is a mild-mannered intellectual property licensor by day and an energetic illustrator/animator by night.  Inspired by old Filmation cartoons from the 1970s, Adam makes cartoons himself and some sweet wrapping paper we carry in store.

    Flair, Home Décor, Men's & Unisex Accessories, Women's Accessories

    LIFE(bi)CYCLE is a one woman bicycle enthusiast creating a collection of repurposed bicycle part art and home decor. From reclaimed bike wheel wall-hangings, to recycled rubber key chains – you’ll find a gift for anyone who prefers two wheels instead of four.

  • Pine Street Makery
    Pine Street Makery
    Art Prints, Greeting Cards and Stationery, Handbags, Totes, Purses and Pouches, Kitchen Goods

    Pine Street Makery is all things handmade by Jessica Maloan. Pine Street’s collection of tea towels, art prints, home goods and accessories are all printed by hand in Nashville, Tennesse, using environmentally-friendly inks and supplies.  We dig the pencil printed pencil pouches a whole lot.

  • Amy Rice Art
    Amy Rice Art
    Art Prints

    Minneapolis artist and printmaker Amy Rice has exhibited her fine art in galleries nationally and abroad for over a decade. After finding an antique sign press machine (a type of letterpress) and some great fonts in an antique shop one day, she heard “You Can Go Your Own Way” on the radio on the drive home, and had a giant lightbulb moment. The prints and letterpress products that came from that lightbulb have been a hit ever since.


  • Creature Type
    Creature Type
    Flair, Men's & Unisex Accessories, Women's Accessories

    Creature Type, graphic designer by day, maker of pop-culture-inspired, feisty, and cute flair for your favorite denim jacket by night. Oh and she’s the illustrator of our favorite lady power, adult coloring book in store: Boss Babes. Hello, Dolly for real.

  • B. Happy Peanut Butter
    B. Happy Peanut Butter
    Food and Beverage

    “A lemonade stand on crack” – that’s how founders of B. Happy Peanut Butter describe their once small family venture, now turned country-wide addiction.  It really is peanut butter you’ll just eat with a spoon – trust us. Layered with pretzels, nuts, fruit, chocolate, and even popcorn – the very many varieties of B. Happy will leave everyone happy. And now we’re hungry.

  • bkykid
    Men's & Unisex Apparel, Women's Apparel

    Bkykid’s got your back – literally. Helping you accomplish some relaxation whilst engaging with your kids, these playmat shirts are like the best invention ever.  And if you’re a parent, you really, really get it.