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  • Knits by Ed
    Knits by Ed
    Home Décor, Plush

    Animal lovers unite! Knits by Ed offers recycled knitted art and soft creatures made from used sweaters, worn out blankets, and discarded scarves.  As if they weren’t cute enough, Knits by Ed gives back a portion of his proceeds to organizations that help save endangered wildlife and protect at-risk habitats across the globe. Now you have no reason not to buy a mounted-knit bison head.

  • Deesum Designs
    Deesum Designs

    Molly, the creator of Deesum Designs, has been designing jewelry for over 9 years. Using various metals and even antlers in her work, Molly says she is inspired most by the worlds and characters she finds in literature. She also relishes the challenge of creating one-of-a-kind pieces.

  • Katydid Design
    Katydid Design
    Art Prints, City and State Pride, Greeting Cards and Stationery, Housewares

    Katydid is a letterpress studio based in Chicago, IL. We are inspired by design, fine art, family, letterpress, and combining these elements to create playful, elegant, and singular paper goods. Kate, the founder behind Katydid, prints on a cast iron press that’s more than one hundred years old, and named the business katydid because that’s what her family called her during her childhood in the midwest.

  • Newfangled Confections
    Newfangled Confections
    Food and Beverage

    Established in 2012, Indianapolis, IN based, Newfangled Confections offers blast-from-the-past candy made with a dash of love and nostalgia. Candymaker Carrie Abbott’s modern take on grandma’s candy dish favorites is inspired by childhood memories including trips with her grandfather to Hook’s Drugstore in the late 1970’s.  You’ll find the famous Frittle, Sweet & Spicy Pecans, and the occasional chocolate covered treat from Newfangled on our shelves!

  • Cordial Kitten
    Cordial Kitten
    Art Prints, Original 2D Artwork

    The friendliest illustrator around, Candice, of Cordial Kitten, creates cute animal paintings and will even paint your family with watercolor and ink! With a degree from Herron School of Art & Design, Candice resides in Indianapolis and draws inspiration from her every day life with her children and friends.

  • 407 Botanicals
    407 Botanicals
    Bath and Body Care

    From bath soaks to face cream to baby talc, each and every product from 407 Botanicals is handcrafted from scratch using premium, natural, and organic ingredients, with an emphasis on the transformative and aromatherapeutic benefits of essential oils. You’ll find no artificial fragrances or ingredients, no fillers, no parabens, or other harmful chemicals – just pure, botanical based, highly concentrated goodness.

  • Adam Debolt
    Adam Debolt
    Greeting Cards and Stationery

    Adam Debolt is a mild-mannered intellectual property licensor by day and an energetic illustrator/animator by night.  Inspired by old Filmation cartoons from the 1970s, Adam makes cartoons himself and some sweet wrapping paper we carry in store.

  • Bebito
    Children's Toys and Games, Plush

    Rachel Hedges, the creator behind Bebito toys, has been making these quirky plushes since 2006.  Repurposing vintage skirts, old fashioned buttons, and other found objects, Bebito characters come alive and these recycled items are given a new chance at life. Rachel spends a lot of time thinking about, planning and creating Bebito items. But at other times, she is also a bartender, a singer and guitar player, a raw food enthusiast, a run/swim/biker, a poet, and a cat-sitter.

  • AYDRY & Co.
    AYDRY & Co.
    Bath and Body Care, Candles, Incense and Room Sprays

    Sophisticated, handcrafted, luxurious – just a few words we’d use to describe AYDRY & Co. With a commitment to quality, their entire line of candles, body oils, and soaks are vegan, cruelty free, and made with organic ingredients.  The minimal product design reflects their sophisticated sensibility as a brand – and we find ourselves daydreaming of the perfect contemporary bathroom to house these lovely products.

  • Toys by Jean Elise
    Toys by Jean Elise
    Children's Toys and Games, City and State Pride, Greeting Cards and Stationery, Holiday and Seasonal, Jewelry

    Inspired by zoology, folklore, and world culture, Toys by Jean Elise are sure to please any young explorer in your life. Taking from scientific drawings, turn-of-the-century ornamentation, and Korean animation, Jean Elise sketches, designs, cuts, pastes, sews, and proofs all her toys and games to create this entirely handmade collection.

    Flair, Home Décor, Men's & Unisex Accessories, Women's Accessories

    LIFE(bi)CYCLE is a one woman bicycle enthusiast creating a collection of repurposed bicycle part art and home decor. From reclaimed bike wheel wall-hangings, to recycled rubber key chains – you’ll find a gift for anyone who prefers two wheels instead of four.

  • RONLEWHORN Industries
    RONLEWHORN Industries
    Art Prints, Greeting Cards and Stationery, Holiday and Seasonal

    From illustrations to portraiture, gig posters to branding, RONLEWHORN Industries is where it’s at. His Princess Bride prints are iconic to our shop. Inspired by the likes of Warhol and Lichtenstein, RONLEWHORN focuses work around portraiture saying, “I think there is something we connect to in an illustrated portrait that is deeper than a photograph. It highlights and accentuates the details characteristics in a way that a camera can’t.”