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  • Katie Carder Fine Jewelry
    Katie Carder Fine Jewelry

    Inspired by shapes and patterns found in nature, Katie can be found walking her dog on a sunny day with sketchbook and camera in hand – collecting her inspiration. She emulates, alters, simplifies, and repeats shapes she finds in nature to create original works of wearable art. You can feel good about wearing your Katie Carder jewelry too – Each year a portion of the company’s proceeds is donated to animal shelters and rescue groups in the Midwest.

  • Bitchstix
    Bath and Body Care, Cosmetics

    Bitchstix really cares – about you, the environment, and your community.  100% of the net proceeds from all product sales support domestic abuse and violence prevention programs.  Using organic, natural, and GMO free ingredients, Bitchstix ensures quality in every stick.  They also never test on animals, are free of palm oil derivatives – helping to save our rainforests, and are made with 100% renewable energy offsets.  Let’s take back the word BITCH, together.

  • 50 Little Birds
    50 Little Birds
    Home Décor

    Inspired by his childhood on the coast of New England, 50 Little Birds is a collection of meticulously hand-carved birds, whales, and boats. This inspiring folk art is treasured by our customers and our staff alike in store.

  • bkykid
    Men's & Unisex Apparel, Women's Apparel

    Bkykid’s got your back – literally. Helping you accomplish some relaxation whilst engaging with your kids, these playmat shirts are like the best invention ever.  And if you’re a parent, you really, really get it.

  • Amy Rice Art
    Amy Rice Art
    Art Prints

    Minneapolis artist and printmaker Amy Rice has exhibited her fine art in galleries nationally and abroad for over a decade. After finding an antique sign press machine (a type of letterpress) and some great fonts in an antique shop one day, she heard “You Can Go Your Own Way” on the radio on the drive home, and had a giant lightbulb moment. The prints and letterpress products that came from that lightbulb have been a hit ever since.


  • Best Boy & Co.
    Best Boy & Co.
    Food and Beverage

    All natural, all good, all profits go to charity – that’s right, 100% of profits from this best selling artisanal food line, Best Boy & Co. benefit charities such as The American Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, and more.  You’ll feel good about buying some of the best damn mustard, hot sauce, and fudge sauce that you’ve ever tasted. Best Boy offers spice rubs, bbq sauce, and caramel sauce as well. Oh, and they’re award winning too! What’s not to love?

  • AYDRY & Co.
    AYDRY & Co.
    Bath and Body Care, Candles, Incense and Room Sprays

    Sophisticated, handcrafted, luxurious – just a few words we’d use to describe AYDRY & Co. With a commitment to quality, their entire line of candles, body oils, and soaks are vegan, cruelty free, and made with organic ingredients.  The minimal product design reflects their sophisticated sensibility as a brand – and we find ourselves daydreaming of the perfect contemporary bathroom to house these lovely products.

  • Black Crystals
    Black Crystals

    Black Crystals is boho chic with a minimalist edge. Using gemstones, minerals, and taking inspiration from the beauty of the natural world, Black Crystals has created a versatile line that can go from day to date.  You’ll find crushed pyrite studs, statement necklaces, geometric brass earrings, and more in the store!

  • Bloomies
    Children's Accessories

    Inheriting family talent and furthering her skills through practice, Jennifer, the brains behind Bloomies, has created a successful line of felted and fabric children’s accessories. Layered flower hair pins, headbands, and bows are just a few of her creations.

  • Abbey Christine
    Abbey Christine

    Abbey Christine makes quirky, recycled felt finger puppets of your favorite pop culture characters, along with a few other goodies from time to time. Each puppet is created from 100% recycled polyester felt made from discarded plastic bottles. This material is soft, washable and, best of all, environmentally friendly. Every item is cut and sewn entirely by hand, ensuring that that you receive a tiny work of art that’s totally unique and to the highest quality standards.

  • B. Happy Peanut Butter
    B. Happy Peanut Butter
    Food and Beverage

    “A lemonade stand on crack” – that’s how founders of B. Happy Peanut Butter describe their once small family venture, now turned country-wide addiction.  It really is peanut butter you’ll just eat with a spoon – trust us. Layered with pretzels, nuts, fruit, chocolate, and even popcorn – the very many varieties of B. Happy will leave everyone happy. And now we’re hungry.

  • Studio AMF
    Studio AMF

    Taking her first jewelry class at age 11, Studio AMF is the work of Indianapolis artist Allison Ford.  With an established local following, Allison creates stunning pieces of wearable art inspired by nature and the insect world.  You can find moth rings, beetle necklaces, and more amongst her collection.