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  • Country Living
    March 2012

    What’s Country Now Special Issue

    “How could you not love a woman whose business card lists her title as shopkeep? Of course, the shop Amanda Mauer Taflinger keeps in Indianapolis isn’t your typical big-city boutique. Her aptly named Homespun stocks nothing but handmade wares by area artisans: Think bird sculptures carved from found wood and felt Willie Nelson finger puppets. ‘I love handing our vendors a check, knowing that the money [directly] supports their families.’ Last summer, she won a $25,000 grant from Pepsi to open a workshop, providing classes on craftsmanship and entrepreneurship. ‘I want to give other people an opportunity to grow their businesses, too.'”

  • The Indianapolis Star
    Sunday, January 22, 2012

    “‘[In recent decades], academics and doing things with your mind was the focus [in society], and [an emphasis on] doing things with your hands was neglected. They’re both equally important,’ said Amanda Taflinger, 33, owner of Homespun: Modern Handmade…a boutique representing more than 100 artisans.

    Like many women in their 30s and 40s, Taflinger remembers her mother as a crafty Girl Scout leader who created homemade Halloween costumes, and her grandmother, who sewed and knitted clothing out of necessity. Taflinger’s own creativity took flight when she participated in the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago.”

  • Indianapolis Monthly
    November 2011

    Shops Issue: What’s Hot Now!

    “Like an expertly edited Etsy, this shop delights with edgy handmade crafts from local and national artisans. You’ll want everything: movie-monster soap, irreverent cross-stitch kits, and the much-loved ‘Midwest Is Best’ tees.”

  • The Indianapolis Star
    Sunday, November 27, 2011

    “Our city, you see, is at a critical juncture. What we have is a small business community. But what we could have is a small business culture.

    We could build an environment in which entrepreneurs are optimistic about starting businesses – and creating jobs – because they know they’re surrounded by potential customers who don’t default to chain stores every time they need clothes or a chain restaurant every time they’re hungry. It’s about being a city that is authentic and sustainable…

    …What’s more, the owners of these businesses know each other, encourage each other, and cooperate to help each other succeed. One business often spawns and supports another business, and so on. It’s just very Indianapolis.

    ‘I’m always excited to see people we know start businesses,’ said Amanda Mauer Taflinger, owner of Homespun: Modern Handmade, a shop in Irvington. ‘It’s encouraging [for the future of our city].'”

  • NUVO Newsweekly
    June 8-15, 2011

    “But today she sees it as a ‘widespread contemporary handmade movement,’ one that is starting to drive a micro-economy all its own, similar to indie record labels…

    Along with that evolution is another more personal one: the development of each crafter and his or her aesthetic…as these fairs become more popular, the competition will only intensify, and artisans will have to work harder to deliver a better product.

    Taflinger explains, ‘One of the things that we look for…is if they’ve evolved, if they’re improving their craft or they’re adding new items [to their product line]…each year I’ve seen quite an evolution in a lot of the vendors [who] have participated in…our events since the very beginning. It’s pretty fantastic because it’s…nice to see people grow.'”

  • Indianapolis Monthly
    April 2011

    Great Little Shops Issue

    “Homespun brought the ‘modern handmade’ trend to Indy last year by stocking the work of crafters who appear at its companion INDIEana [Handicraft] Exchange. Owners Amanda Mauer Taflinger and her husband, Neal, curate the Irvington shop with the wares of established and up-and-coming artists, many local or regional.”

  • Indianapolis Monthly
    December 2010

    Best of Indy Issue

    “Good luck resisting the treasures arranged like little museum exhibits at Irvington handicraft shop Homespun. Whether you are looking for something ironic (a hipster onesie with a cassette-tape graphic), cerebral (Johnny Cash cross-stitch kit), or couture (feather headpieces from milliner Emily Clark), this polished storefront – check your scrappy DIY presumptions at the door – has exactly what you need. Or rather, exactly what you didn’t know you needed.”

  • Indianapolis Monthly
    November 2010

    Shops Issue: Your Guide to Indy’s Best New Stores

    “If any shop deserves a hand, it’s Homespun. The new boutique has forged an original and inspired niche by focusing exclusively on handmade crafts with modern edge. Decorative piƱatas, cutting boards inlaid with Pac-Man characters, and bars of soap shaped like movie monsters and cassette tapes are the antithesis of overexposed gifts carried by the competition…At its best, Homespun is a champion for undiscovered talent.”

  • Indianapolis Monthly
    September 2010

    “For edgy crafts and cool giftables, indie darling Homespun has it made.

    There is, if you didn’t know, an indie-craft movement taking place in the United States, complete with a circuit of art fairs in gymnasiums and other unconventional venues; superstar knitters; a documentary; and a hit website, Etsy. Homespun in Irvington is the first boutique in the Indianapolis area dedicated to modern handmade crafts, which range from kooky designs (like soap in the shape of a hand grenade) to artful objects (such as earthy place settings with grooved edges by local potter Ryan VanHoy). The merch represents the best of the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange, a fair started in 2007 by Amanda Mauer Taflinger and Neal Taflinger, plus the work of elite crafters who can’t get here for the Exchange. The couple showed some creativity of their own by turning out a cool setting with reclaimed wood on the walls, shelves fashioned from giant cardboard rolls, jewelry displayed on wall-mounted silver trays, and pendant lights made to look like a ball of yarn.”

  • Indianapolis Monthly
    July 2010

    “Amanda Mauer Taflinger and Neal Taflinger hit a bit of a marketing jackpot when they received a $5,000 grant from the Pepsi Refresh Project, designed to help launch startups like the Taflingers’ plan to open a retail outlet for local crafters. Bundled with the prize money: a 60-second Pepsi commercial filmed at the couple’s eastside home. ‘We essentially put on a small craft fair in our backyard,’ Neal explains. The spot is currently airing on MTV Viacom channels, so be on the lookout for Irvington landmarks and ‘some very cool cinematic shots of crafters knitting and looking majestic,’ Neal claims.”

  • The Indianapolis Star
    Sunday, June 27, 2010

    “‘My goal for [the] INDIEana Handicraft Exchange is simply to expose some of Indy’s best contemporary artists [to the national contemporary craft fair movement] and also to show the rest of the world that Indiana has a thriving DIY and handmade arts community…We’ve taken the idea of the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange and made it happen year-round with a new store, Homespun.'”