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Staff Picks ’17: Last Minute Gifts

last minute gifts, presents, party, flat lay

There’s always some reason for a last minute gift over the holidays- whether you’re meeting someone last minute, heading to an unexpected party, or you just thought of that person in your life who deserves a special thought this season, we’ve got the perfect thing. Stop in and find something sure to please at just the right price. Check out our suggestions below or ask one of our staff day-of and we’ll set you on the right track!


metal, pin, tired, uninspired, black, gold

Tired Uninspired Pin/ Patch by 1606 Supply Co., $10

Mark: A simple funny gift anyone can appreciate.


movie, candle, film, star wars, real

Candle Votive by Actual Film Cell Votives, $12

Hayley: These would make great last minute gifts because there are so many different votive to choose from that feature different movies on the front of each one!


Chocolate Bars by Curly Girl, $6.50

Anna: A gift and a card in one? Slap a ribbon on it and call it a day. Who can resist how delicious they are?!


gift card, homespun, shop local, last minute

Homespun Gift Card, $?

Claire: The perfect reason to come visit me in the shop and let the staff help you find something you love!


moth, ceramic, blue, handmade, clay

Insect Ceramic Mug by Linnea Campbell, $35

Lee: Everyone has a preferred cup-a, and no one can have enough mugs! I also love that the low profile of this mug allows for easy use under espresso machines, pour-overs, or other brewers of choice.


Do Good Wooden Banner by Savvie, $20

Grace: Simple, stylish, versatile and positive, this nice looking reminder to “do good” will fit into anyone’s decor.


Paper Holiday Floral Arrangement by Paper Peony, $54

Megan: You can never go wrong showing up with flowers- and bonus points for the creativity here.


candle, christmas, holiday, Christmas story

“You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid!” Candle by JKM Soy Candles, $19

Amanda D: A delicate and fan favorite scent for the Christmas season – perfect for anyone!


colorful, ceramic, trees, ornaments

Ceramic Tree Holiday Ornament by Art by Jen F., $12

Alayna: I love the beautiful simplicity of these ornaments! Sure to fit any decor.


Tea by Hugo Tea, $8.50

Amanda MT: Flavors for everyone and the packaging is so nice they won’t think it was last minute!


Hand & Dish Towels by Just A Jar, $28

Neal: Because you can never have too many kitchen towels, especially display-worthy ones.

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Staff Picks ’17: The Geek

Self-admitted or not, being a geek is nothing to be ashamed of. Geeks are cool. Geeks are genuine. And we have lots of genuinely cool geeky stuff here at the store to prove it. Here’s what our staff is buying for their geeky friends (or selves).


Zodiac Coloring Book by Mab Graves, $19

Mark: So many of my geeky friends are deep into astrology. And even if they weren’t, they’d still love this.


Princess Leia Pennant Banner by Oxford Pennants, $20

Hayley: Because who doesn’t want this iconic lady boss on their wall?


Alternate Histories of the World Book by Matthew Buchholz, $28

Anna: Historian meets monster fan. My kind of nerd.


Coasters by Green Bird Press, $10

Claire: Whether you’re shopping for Doctor Who fans, Star Wars fans, or superhero fans, these fun coasters run the geek gamut.


Star Wars Potholder by Umbrella Girl Productions, $9

Lee: ‘Cause every room needs some nerd flair, kitchens included.


Nintendo Controller Bow Tie by Perler Tricks, $10

Alayna: I feel like everyone geeked and had an obsession with Nintendo at one point in their life. It’s something you can’t get over.


Twin Peaks Coaster Set by Hunky Dory Studio, $49

Amanda MT: Twin Peaks is a nerd right of passage. If you know a nerd, you know they will love this.


Unicorn Lego Art by Smitten by Cat, $48

Grace: Unicorns and Legos? Sounds like a great combination to me!


Magnet Sets by Arthur’s Plaid Pants, $10-12

Neal: From Arrested Development to The Goonies, all the nerd staples are covered. Ready to cheer you up at every magnetic corner.


Platform 9 3/4 Print by Quiet Boy Studio, $20

Amanda D: A subtle Potter shout out perfect for the Hogwarts geek- like me!


Pocket Square by Handsome & Lace, $19

Megan: For your geek-on-the-down-low type- a nice, subtle pocket square.

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Staff Picks ’17: The Host/Hostess

host, hostess, gift, party, what to bring, holiday season, gathering

If you’ve ever hosted before, you know what a big job it can be. Unless you plan on staying to do the dishes, a host/ hostess gift is a great way to say thanks and can even add to the party! Our staff has chosen lots of great options- pop in and we can show you even more.


koozie, coozie, drink, can, beverageg camo, holiday

Beverage Camo by Exit343 Designs, $5 each

Neal: Don’t leave a bad lasting impression, cover your can and avoid the table rings.


Caramel Nut Crunch Popcorn by Just Pop In, $12.50

Amanda MT: Pour this in a bowl and it won’t last for long- everyone will love this tasty treat.


Repeat Indiana Wood Cutting Board by Richwood Creations, $46

Megan: Bonus points if you help chop on it in the kitchen! This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves hosting parties.

candle, karmalit, first snow, soy, hand poured, jar

First Snow Candle by Karmalit, $20

Mark: A light scent perfect for holiday hosting.


Mineral Bath Soak in Beautiful Rose by Aydry & Co., $24

Grace: Perfect for relaxing after a busy evening playing host.

mint leaf, sugar cane, candle, soy, hand poured, cork

Mint Leaf and Sugar Cane Candle by JKM Soy Candles, $22

Hayley: This candle has the perfect combo scent of being both refreshing and warm. This would be a great candle to have burning at any special gathering.


Five Test Tube Vase by Urban Indy Makers, $45

Anna: The perfect table center piece to display the flowers you brought.

lemonade, tonic, sugar scrub, cubes, bath and body

Lemonade & Tonic Sugar Scrub Cubes by Black Kettle Soap Company, $14

Amanda D: A toast to relaxation for the host. These smell amazing and they are in convenient single use cubes- so you don’t spill your scrub everywhere!

cocktail, muddler, wooden, handmade, heirloom

Cocktail Muddler by American Heirloom, $24

Claire: Let’s say you’re going to a party where there will be real glassware and cloth napkins! You gotta show up with a sweet-ass tool like this- but be careful, they’ll try to make you run the bar all night.

truth or dare, coaster, letterpressed, party game

Truth or Dare Letterpress Coasters by Questionable Press, $8

Lee: Bring a party game AND respect the furniture!


Charcuterie Board by Blake Jefferson, $40

Alayna: The frequent party throwers kitchen isn’t complete without a charcuterie board!


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Staff Picks ’17: The Foodie

foodie, cook, kitchen, gifts, gourmet, book, food

Know a person who loves to cook? Or maybe just loves to eat? They would love our selection of kitchen tools, gourmet and local treats, cookbooks and kits. Make it on over here and buy it for them before they get it for themselves!


DIY, kit, cheese, make at home, goat cheese

Cheese Crafting Kits by Urban Cheesecraft, $16-35

Amanda MT: Making cheese is a unique experience most foodies have probably never had- its fun, easy and so satisfyingly delicious.


Brew Bread by Soberdough, $12

Neal: Bread and beer go hand-in-hand, it makes sense to mix the two together. Pour, stir, bake and eat.


Pizza Veggies Print by Artfood Collective, $25

Mark: There is no such thing as a foodie who doesn’t love pizza.


Classic Lime Margarita Mix by Hoosier Mama, $10

Anna: A night in with tacos and margs. Dinner at the foodie’s place!


Driftless Magazine, $20

Hayley: Not only do these magazines feature incredible photography, they also feature wonderful scrumptious recipes, restaurants to visit, and coffee shops to seek out.


Hoosier Harvest Cookbook by Farm Indiana, $24.99

Amanda D: Let the foodie try their hand at this collection of recipes from Indiana chefs, farmers, artisans and food writers.

tasting notes, notebook, hand bound, cheese, cheese tasting

Tasting Notes for Cheese by Yonder Bound, $8

Megan: If you’re a foodie you know there ain’t just yellow cheddar or white cheddar, help them keep track of their favorites with this handy notebook.


Large Wooden Bowl by Dickenson Woodworking, $80

Grace: What foodie wouldn’t appreciate a hand-turned wood bowl? I know a few who wood (Op! There I go again with the bad jokes!).

recipe cards, box, notes, notecard, food

Recipe Cards by Lacelit, $12

Alayna: Because a foodie is probably always asked for their best recipes.


Cheese Board by Sarahmics, $48

Claire: I think the word “foodie” means you automatically own a cheese board. This one is so different! So foodie! Wait, that doesn’t make sense.

sweet, spicy, pecans, pecan, candied, confection

Sweet & Spicy Pecans by Newfangled Confections, $7

Lee: The perfect treat for the high-brow snacker.

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Staff Picks ’17: The Stylish Sister

gifts, stylish, accesories, lady, woman, jewelry

When accessorize is your motto and style your middle name, you might be a stylish sister. What to get for the lady who has everything? Unique and handmade goodies, of course! Check out these awesome gift picks from our staff.


Copper Diamond Air Plant Hanger by Savvie Studio, $64

Amanda D: Because a stylish sister needs stylish home decor too- and this air plant hanger is so Instagram worthy!


Pocket Infinity Scarf by Specifically Random, $34

Megan: Perfect for her on-the-go lifestyle and long walks/ bike rides on campus.

drusy, bolo, leather, feather, necklace, jewelry

Drusy Bolo by Salame Jewelry Designs, $89

Alayna: A stylish sister needs some sparkle for all those holiday events!


Raw Edge Cross Body Bag by ReFind Originals, $120

Grace: This is the perfect size for essentials, not big enough to collect junk and could be dressed up or down. And oh, that wool blanket bottom is so on trend!

aromi, matte, lipstick, lavender, purple, all natural, handmade

Lavender Fields Matte Lipstick by Aromi, $17

Anna: It pairs perfectly with any stylish outfit. Bonus points because it lasts ALLLLL day.


She Persisted Tee by Bad Knees Tees, $24

Neal: Because Feminism is always stylish on EVERYONE.


Winter Headband by Pointelle Design, $34

Lee: Accessorize while keeping warm! These are so sweet and cute.


Ceramic Flask by Tandem Ceramics, $64

Hayley: This piece is functional for a stylish night out, but also would look so good as a decorative piece on a mantel in your home!

rhinosaurus, silver, ring, handmade, animal

Rhinoceros Head by J. Topolski, $165

Mark: It is the coolest statement ring IMHO.


resin, metal, orange, purple, bracelet, jewelry

Eco Resin Bangle Bracelets by Sloane, $55

Claire: My sweet SIL is classy and crisp- this delicate bracelet will go with everything- perfect for her minimalist style!


Fringe Crossbody Bag by HM Leathergoods, $137.50

Amanda MT: Giving back is always in season and when you buy from HM Leathergoods your supporting a local family of Syrian refugees who lost their family run business and had to start from scratch. Plus, you’ll look freakin’ amazing wearing one.

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