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Staff Picks ’17: The Stylish Sister

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When accessorize is your motto and style your middle name, you might be a stylish sister. What to get for the lady who has everything? Unique and handmade goodies, of course! Check out these awesome gift picks from our staff.


Copper Diamond Air Plant Hanger by Savvie Studio, $64

Amanda D: Because a stylish sister needs stylish home decor too- and this air plant hanger is so Instagram worthy!


Pocket Infinity Scarf by Specifically Random, $34

Megan: Perfect for her on-the-go lifestyle and long walks/ bike rides on campus.

drusy, bolo, leather, feather, necklace, jewelry

Drusy Bolo by Salame Jewelry Designs, $89

Alayna: A stylish sister needs some sparkle for all those holiday events!


Raw Edge Cross Body Bag by ReFind Originals, $120

Grace: This is the perfect size for essentials, not big enough to collect junk and could be dressed up or down. And oh, that wool blanket bottom is so on trend!

aromi, matte, lipstick, lavender, purple, all natural, handmade

Lavender Fields Matte Lipstick by Aromi, $17

Anna: It pairs perfectly with any stylish outfit. Bonus points because it lasts ALLLLL day.


She Persisted Tee by Bad Knees Tees, $24

Neal: Because Feminism is always stylish on EVERYONE.


Winter Headband by Pointelle Design, $34

Lee: Accessorize while keeping warm! These are so sweet and cute.


Ceramic Flask by Tandem Ceramics, $64

Hayley: This piece is functional for a stylish night out, but also would look so good as a decorative piece on a mantel in your home!

rhinosaurus, silver, ring, handmade, animal

Rhinoceros Head by J. Topolski, $165

Mark: It is the coolest statement ring IMHO.


resin, metal, orange, purple, bracelet, jewelry

Eco Resin Bangle Bracelets by Sloane, $55

Claire: My sweet SIL is classy and crisp- this delicate bracelet will go with everything- perfect for her minimalist style!


Fringe Crossbody Bag by HM Leathergoods, $137.50

Amanda MT: Giving back is always in season and when you buy from HM Leathergoods your supporting a local family of Syrian refugees who lost their family run business and had to start from scratch. Plus, you’ll look freakin’ amazing wearing one.

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Staff Picks ’17: Animal Lover

animal gifts, animal lover, dog, cat, present, holidays

Having a heart for animals is a truly beautiful thing. Whether they’re a cat person or a dog person or a any ‘ol animal person, we’ve got just the thing.


Alphabet Animals by Paper Elm Design, $30

Mark: All the letters, all the animals.


Dog and Cat Snuggle Print by Sloe Gin Fizz, $25

Anna: Any animal lover is no stranger to lack of space on the couch. That’s what I call home sweet home for sure.


Nesting Dolls by Wee Gallery, $38

Hayley: These nesting dolls would be such a unique gift for the animal lovers in my life. There’s three different animals in this set so it could appeal to a variety of animal friendly peeps.


Shy Pup Dessert Plate from Early Bird Designs, $40

Neal: We just got two new pups and although they’re certainly not shy, this plate reminds me of the cute way they like to sleep.


Watch You Cook Tea Towel by Kate Brennan Hall, $16

Grace: “Mind if I watch you cook?” What dog doesn’t want to watch you cook- and try it, too! And look at those Boston Terrier eyes!

sloth, ornament, christmas tree, lights, snow, glass

Little Sloth Ornament by Glak Love, $18

Alayna: I’m obsessed and I can’t help it. Put a sloth on it!


Square Cat by Happy Grey Skies, $40

Megan: The sweetest little kitty with the sweetest little mouse in its pocket.

DIY, embroidery, doll, tabby cat, kit, gift

DIY Embroidered Doll Starter Kit, Tabby Cat by Kiriki Press, $46

Amanda MT: This is the perfect project for me and my daughter to complete while sipping hot chocolate and keeping warm by the fire!

deer, doe, kiss, nightlight, purple, glass, square, light

Kissing Animals Night Light by Hunky Dorey Studios, $30

Claire: Sure, you could get a cat night light, but why not go nuts and get llamas, or frogs, or baby foxes (?!) cuddling? You’ll be charmed every time you get up in the night to pee.

hedgehog, box, DIY, papercraft, kit, paper

Hedgehog Box by Paper Acorn, $7

Amanda D: What animal lover (or anyone) doesn’t love hedgehogs? This would be so cute at your work desk or on a shelf at home!

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Staff Picks ’17: Dapper Dude

dapper, dude, man gifts, men, handmade, indie

He’s smooth. He’s clean. He smells good. He always has the right tool when he needs it. Here are some of the best gifts around for the dapper dude in your life.


The Indie Cred Test Book by Henry H. Owings and Chunklet Magazine, $19

Amanda MT: Being dapper and being “indie” are never far apart- make sure your dude is the real deal with this handy and hilarious test.


Moab Woven Necktie by Lonesome Traveler, $62

Grace: Sleek and handsome tie for a sleek and handsome guy (I just couldn’t resist!). This tie would be loved by the most dapper of dudes!


Silk Sleep Mask by Mizu, $36

Neal: Keep that dapper game strong by getting a full 8 hours of sleep every night. This mask should help- and he’ll look good doing it.

wallet, pup, people for urban progress, dome, gift

Officer Dome Wallet by People for Urban Progress, $28

Anna: A dapper dude always has cash and card on him, and with this, he can conveniently keep them in one place.

bowtie, bow tie, wooden, neckwear, birch

Wooden Bow Tie by Havok Designs, $20

Claire: Not only dapper, but modern, unique, crafty, fun, funky- that describes this tie. So many adjectives!

shave balm, shave oil, after shave, kit, dopp kit, uncented

The Essentials Shave Kit by Thirteen Thieves, $54

Mark: It’s a one stop dapper box including everything you need to maintain that clean shaven look- if you’re into that.

business card holder, office supplies, pocket, handy

Wooden Business Card Holder by District 31, $40

Hayley: With the career of being a jewelry specialist, my good friend Matt is always invited to various jewelry conventions and related events. This would be perfect for his business cards to promote himself and his work he does as a specialist.


Wooden Tray by Infinite Abyss, $42

Megan: To keep all of his dapper grooming products looking dapper on his dresser.

perfume, solid, fragrance, cologne, mens

“You’re Hot” Solid Perfume by Aromi, $15

Alayna: Fresh and convenient! These solid perfumes are perfect for being on the go, and they fit so well in pockets.


“Old Books” Reed Diffuser by Penn & Beech, $28

Lee: Nothing is more dapper than a learned dude, and nothing makes you seem more learned than smelling like books.


Morrison Leather Journal by LM Products, $60

Amanda D: Because what dapper dude isn’t complete without a leather-bound journal to jot down all his profound thoughts in?

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Staff Picks ’17: Threenager

threenager, kid gift, toddler gifts, children, toys, play

This is the first year I’m parenting a threenager for myself, and wow. The title is apt- so much attitude happening. Homespun has just the thing to keep that little smarty pants engaged, inspired, and creative!

polar bear, paint, DIY, ornament, snow, decorate

DIY Polar Bear Ornament Kit by The Dapper Jackalope, $16

Amanda MT: I don’t know how much paint would actually end up on the bear, and how much I would end up cleaning off the table, but either way I would cherish this little handmade ornament!


Bones Travel Tic-Tac-Toe by Tree Hopper Toys, $11

Amanda D: Mom or dad can keep this in their bag and pull it out at restaurants or in the car to calm the threenager boredom woes.


Wooden Balance Board by Clover & Birch, $38

Grace: Surfer in training! Great toy for physical activity and honing gross motor skills. Perfect for an indoor activity when the weather is bad- plus its super sturdy!

entomologist, kit, bugs, discover, backyard

Emerging Entomologist Kit by Jean Elise Toys, $18

Anna: Don’t let them develop a fear of bugs! They’re not so scary. This kit will help them observe and get their hands dirty.

ring, crayon, color, play, art, creative, kids

Original Rainbow Crayon Rings by Art 2 The Extreme, $12

Claire: Turn coloring into color-bling! (You’re welcome for the new slogan. I’d like 10% of the profits, thanks.)


Unicorn Princess Knight Tunic and Shield by Love Lane, $38 and $32

Lee: Your little one can be the hero in this impeccable and gorgeous play-wear.


Mr. Toothypegs Plush Creature by Mr. Sogs, $45

Megan: The perfect little cuddle to keep all the other monsters at bay.


Bouquet Tank Dress by Vivie and Ash, $42

Hayley: I know four sweet little girls that would each look incredibly adorable in these floral print dresses. My best friend’s nieces would love to put these dresses on and run outside in the grass barefoot!


The Littlest Family’s Big Day by Emily Winfield Martin, $17.99

Neal: Reading to my daughter before bed is one of our favorite times of the day, she would love this sweet story.

nightlight, rainbow, kids room, glass, handmade

Rainbow Glass Nightlight by Hunky Dory Studio, $30

Mark: To shed light on monsters and acceptance.


Children’s Apron by La Tiendita, $38

Alayna: Helping in the kitchen is a great way to keep littles engaged!

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Staff Gift Picks ’17: Office Party


What to bring to the office party? Something a whole room of people will probably like and could relate to- and nothing too boring (read: no socks). Well, we’ve got that! Stop in the shop for some quick and easy gift pickins.


game, card game, rehab, questions, fun

Rehab: A Family’s Release by Rehab Gaming, $18

Lee: When enough throats have been cleared and boredom sets in, get to know each other a little better with this set of questions. ‘Cause your co-workers are basically family, right?


Holiday Berry Bath Bomb Set by Pure Grace Soap, $8

Megan: Bath bombs are the bomb so who wouldn’t love one? Perfect little “time out” from the holiday craziness.


Boss Babes Coloring & Activity Book by Michelle Volansky, $10.95

Grace: Everyone could stand to engage in a little boss babe education, right?! Fun activities paired with a brief history lesson, what a fun way to celebrate some boss babes!


Maple Cake Stand by American Heirloom, $70

Hayley: If I was attending an office party, I would definitely have to make a cake! Placing the cake on this stand would be super chic and impressive (hopefully!).


Naughty and Nice Soaps by Tularoo Soaps, $10

Claire: Give the “nice” to your work spouse, and the “naughty” soap to your arch nemesis, perhaps the mansplainer of the office? Then at least he’ll have good skin while he gets on your nerves.


Monument Circle Ornaments by Katydid, $24

Amanda D: Who doesn’t love the monument at Christmas? And depending on the size of the party, you can split this set up!


Gertrude’s Gomme by Wilks and Wilson, $13.99

Mark: To sweeten everyone’s drinks (there are drinks, right?).


Scratch-Off Cards by LottoLove, $10

Amanda MT: Everyone loves giving back, and this gift will do just that. Each purchase of LottoLove cards helps provide nutritious meals, clean water, solar energy or literacy tools to people all over the world. Fun and charitable!


Whole Bean Coffee by Tinker Coffee Co., $15

Neal: Everyone in the office runs on coffee, this gift will not be re-gifted.


Frittle by Newfangled Confections, $6.50

Alayna: Frittle is something you can bring to a part and everyone can enjoy.


Three Bean Chili by U Relish, $6

Anna: A quick and easy crock pot meal to please the masses?! YES PLEASE!

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