A boutique, gallery and workshop devoted to contemporary craft

Homespun: Modern Handmade is a boutique, gallery and workshop devoted to contemporary handmade goods. We are located on the east end of Mass Ave in downtown Indianapolis, IN. We sell the work of more than 300 artists, crafters and makers from across the U.S. and Canada. Our products range from jewelry to bath & body products, artisanal foods to stationery, prints to 3D art, housewares to apparel and more.

Founded in July, 2010, Homespun is an outgrowth of the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange, central Indiana’s first contemporary craft fair.


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  • Amanda (AKA
    Amanda (AKA "Bosslady")
    Co-Owner & Shopkeep

    Amanda spends her days communicating with vendors and searching for new handmade goodies to stock the shelves. And building the staff schedule. And making payments. And interviewing and hiring people. And organizing the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange. All the things. She does them, with the help of her amazing staff. Previously an elementary school art teacher, and a photographer by trade, Amanda was a vendor at an early Renegade Craft Fair selling Polaroid transfers and emulsion lifts.

    • First ever Homespun purchase
      "The First 1000 Days" baby journal from Nikki McClure
    • Favorite NBJ juice or smoothie flavor
      Homespun Heaven
    • Favorite karaoke song
      "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey. But only if my husband is singing it. I don't sing.
    • Favorite thing about Indy
      Right now, the Cultural Trail. It adds a whole new level of vibrancy to our city.
    • Favorite locally-owned business
      Tuttle Orchards, Traders Point Creamery, Mass Ave Toys, Just Pop In!, New Day Meadery...those are just a few, but this list could go on and on and on
  • Neal
    (Not-So-Silent) Co-Owner

    Neal thought that opening a store would be a great idea and Amanda believed him. He thought that he’d help out for the first year and could move on to the next thing. That never happened. He’s not involved in daily operations, but his head is never too far from the store. A retired rock and roller, he has a professional job…elsewhere.

    • First ever Homespun purchase
      If you don't count the store itself, the "I'm IN Love" tee from Megan Lee Designs
    • Favorite NBJ juice or smoothie flavor
      Anything sweet + wheat grass
    • Favorite meal
      Channa masala, chicken tikka masala, vegetable pakora & naan
    • Favorite thing about Indy
      Its potential
    • Favorite movie quote
      "If you're gonna shoot, shoot, don't talk." - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
  • (The Other) Amanda
    (The Other) Amanda
    Operations Manager

    Every interaction with Homespun: Modern Handmade is a story.  From product photography to visual merchandising, marketing to event planning, gallery coordination to charitable giving, as our Operations Manager, Amanda is here to ensure that those stories have happy endings. To see just part of Amanda’s daily work at Homespun, check out the store’s social media accounts (FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest).

    • First ever Homespun purchase
      Block print bunny pillow from Art Goodies
    • Favorite Book
      Everything is Illuminated by Jonathon Safran Foer
    • Favorite Song to Sing at Karaoke:
      Colors of the Wind - you best believe!
    • Favorite Meal
      Does all the chocolate and wine count?
    • First law you ever broke
  • Megan
    Inventory Manager

    All snark and no bite, Megan is OG Amanda’s organizational id come to life, managing inventory as it flows into and out of the store and decorating the stock room with a constellation of neatly written post-it notes. She’s also been known to break out some awesome moves on the trampolines at SkyZone.

    • First ever Homespun purchase
      "Sassy" Perfume from Aromi
    • Favorite NBJ juice or smoothie flavor
      Sweet Tart
    • Favorite meal
      Anything I can eat outside!
    • Favorite book
      "King Dork" by Frank Portman
    • Nickname
      Ma, Megaroni, Leggo My Meggo
  • Lee
    Blogger & Social Media Assistant

    Former-Lee our social media manager, this newish mom pens three regular blog posts at HomespunIndy.com – “This Week at the Shop,” “How-To,” and “Meet Your Maker” – as well as coordinating our massive annual employee holiday gift guide. Lee also binds notebooks and journals under the name ReadWriteBooks.

    • First ever Homespun purchase
      Letterpress Cards from Katydid
    • Favorite NBJ juice or smoothie flavor
      The Refresher
    • Favorite meal
      My Dad's BBQ
    • Favorite locally-owned businesses
      The Inventorialist, Printext & LUNAmusic
    • Favorite childhood TV show
      "Sesame Street"
  • Anna
    Sales Floor Manager

    With an extensive background in retail and a positive attitude that won’t quit, Anna is the perfect addition to our team.  She’s a smart, savvy dedicated leader who loves The Princess Bride, and she’s the kind of gal you can sit down and have a beer with (and she’ll be able to talk tasting-notes with you too) so naturally, she fits right in.

    • Favorite thing about Indy
      It's the biggest small town
    • Favorite meal
      Cheeseburger and sweet potato fries!
    • Favorite Childhood Cartoon
    • Nickname
      Anna Banana
    • First Law You Ever Broke
      I stole nail polish in the 6th grade and cried about it later. Never. Again.
  • Grace
    Assistant Manager

    She’s back! We’re so thrilled to have Grace rejoin our team as our new Assistant Manager! Grace hails from Herron School of Art & Design and holds a BFA in sculpture. Her eye for detail and busy-bee nature make her a valuable asset to our team, and she’s really, really nice. -Like one of the nicest people we know.

    • First homespun purchase
      Golden Girls Cards
    • Favorite song to sing at karaoke
      Shawdow Boxer - Fiona Apple
    • Nickname
      Grace Face!
    • Favorite Repeat Vacation Destination
      Durango, CO - it's my second home!
    • Celebrity Doppelgänger
      Zoey Dechanel
  • Claire
    Key Holder

    If you come in the shop when Claire’s on the clock, prepare to smile and laugh (or listen to all our other staff laugh while working with her) – because that’s her main profession. When she’s not at Homespun, she’s participating in local shows, doing stand-up, and teaching classes as an actress and comedian. Just don’t call her Claire-Bear…trust us.

    • First Ever Homespun Purchase
      A cheeky greeting card and ceramic ring
    • Favorite Book
      Jitterbug Perfume - Tim Robbins
    • Favorite Thing about Indy
      The Cultural Trail and Fringe Festival
    • Favorite Movie Quote
      "Now that I have my coffee, I'm ready to watch radar." - Spaceballs
    • (Acceptable) Nickname
  • Mark
    Sales Associate

    In Sobro or rocking a bolo, Mark brings a fierce, ever-revolving style to the Homespun crew.  Mark’s got a huge heart for four-legged friends, and if you stop in with your pup, he’ll be the first to ask if a t-r-e-a-t is ok. When he’s not petting pooches and promenading his pop-culture ensembles in store, Mark moonlights in the land of highlights as a cosmetologist.

    • Favorite NGJ juice flavor
      Citrus Attack
    • Favorite locally-owned business in Indy
      The Sinking Ship
    • Favorite movie quote
      "We're wrecking like trains."- Jesus' Son
    • Favorite childhood cartoon
    • Favorite childhood toy
  • Alayna
    Sales Associate

    We knew we’d get along with Alayna the first day we met her, and we think you’ll feel that way too. Alayna is our newest Sales Associate, here to help you find all your handmade needs. She’s currently a Herron High School student who loves being outdoors – camping, biking, hiking, and more. And if you need someone to get down with, she’ll break out the Beyonce on request. See, we told you you’d like her.

    • Indy Neighborhood
    • First Ever Homespun Purchase
    • Favorite NBJ juice flavor
      Orange Dreamsicle
    • Favorite Repeat Vacation Destination
      Europe - I fall in love with the people and small towns!
    • Favorite Childhood Cartoon
      Hey Arnold
  • Alex
    Sales Associates

    Don’t call it a comeback, but… he’s back. We repeat: Alex. Is. Back.  And if you didn’t meet him during his first run at Homespun, you’ll want to meet him now.  Full of friendly banter, gifting tips, and hair that just won’t quit, Alex has always been a perfect fit for our Sales Floor Team.

  • Greg
    Seasonal Inventory Assistant & Year-Round Amanda's Dad

    Amanda’s dad is a retired gent who keeps lively amongst the hustle and bustle of handmade. If we are swamped he’s definitely on the frontline, and we couldn’t appreciate it more. He can otherwise be found refurbishing vintage fans, his craftsmanship will blow you away. Wink.

  • Pepper
    Shop Pup

    The sometimes naughty, but always sweet, Pepper the Shop Pup has joined our Homespun Team. She provides stress relief, constant licks and puppy breath smells, and cuddles our staff while they’re on break. She’s a mix between a Dachshund and a Chihuahua – more fondly known as a “Chiweenie.” You may see her on the Sales Floor from time to time, when she’s not napping in our back office.

    • Favorite Karaoke Song
      Just Push It - Salt-N-Pepper
    • Favorite Thing about Indy
      All my friends live here!
    • Favorite Childhood Toy
      My fuzzy fox and my little tennis ball
    • Favorite Meal
      Sometimes I find scraps on the floor - don't tell mom!
    • First Law You Ever Broke
      ...chewing on the staff's sweaters and shoes. Whoops!
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